single spaced and double spaced please.

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| Yahoo single spaced and double spaced please How many pages long would a 1,200 word essay be?

Most writers try to prepare a draft of their paper in plenty of time to let the paper sit a day or so before they go through the rewriting process. You will do a better job of rewriting your work if you come to it a bit "cold." You can be a bit more objective about the paper's grammar and argument. Your mind will be less apt to provide missing links and gloss over errors in style if you can pretend that this is something you just happened to pick up, something written by someone else.

yeah, about 4-5 pages, double spaced with a 12 pt font.

A double-spaced, one inch margin page contains approximately 250 words.

While researching, you will often develop your own opinion. The essay will be marked on how you present other credible authors’ arguments and justified opinions, and your opinion will only be valued if you have been specifically asked to incorporate it. Even then, it must be justified using valid research and logical argument.

-supporting detail -supporting detail

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-supporting detail -supporting detail

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Find your own system to research. Some options are:

The conclusion consists of up to 15% of the word count. The purpose is to summarise the essay content, re-presenting this content from specific to general information. It is not a repeat of the introduction and the verbs used in the introduction which described how you addressed the topic are not usually present in the conclusion; rather than state that you discussed the topic, summarise the content of the discussion.

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To make your introduction interesting, it is sometimes relevant to include the following, but check with your tutor if this is suitable for your type of essay:

Add your Write a love story using only 3 words?

The introduction consists of around 10% of the total word count. Its purpose is to introduce the topic, presenting information from general to specific thereby leading your reader towards the essay’s focus. The introduction may be written after the whole structure of the essay is known, and should be revised after the body is completed to ensure it adequately introduces all main points.

It depends on a whole lot of things.

While researching, add to the plan using keywords to identify key ideas. Each main point may have several supporting details. For example, a plan for a 1200 word essay where the student has identified four main points, each with a different number of supporting details, might look like this: