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While working a string of odd jobs across , Chicago and , Sedaris was discovered reading his diary (which he has kept since 1977) in a Chicago club by radio host , who asked Sedaris to appear on his weekly local program The Wild Room. Sedaris later said, "I owe everything to Ira....My life just changed completely, like someone waved a magic wand." Sedaris's success on The Wild Room led to his debut on December 23, 1992, when he read a radio essay on titled "", which described his experiences working as an elf at department store during time in New York.

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"As far as I was concerned, the French could be cold or even openly hostile. They could burn my flag or pelt me with stones, but if there were taxidermied kittens to be had then I would go and bring them back to this, the greatest country on earth."

David Sedaris's new collection, tells a most unconventional life story. It begins with a North Carolina childhood filled with speech-therapy classes ("There was the lisp, of course, but more troubling than that was my voice itself with its excitable tone and high, girlish pitch") and unwanted guitar lessons taught by a midget. From budding performance artist ("The only crimp in my plan was that I seemed to have no talent whatsoever") to "clearly unqualified" writing teacher in Chicago, Sedaris's career leads him to New York (the sky's-the-limit field of furniture moving) and eventually, of all places, France.

Sedaris's move to Paris poses a number of challenges, chief among them his inability to speak the language. Arriving a "spooky man-child" capable of communicating only through nouns, he undertakes language instruction that leads him ever deeper into cultural confusion. Whether describing the Easter bunny to puzzled classmates, savoring movies in translation (It Is Necessary to Save the Soldier Ryan), or watching a group of men play soccer with a cow, Sedaris brings a view and a voice like none other. "Original, acid, and wild" --said the to every unforgettable encounter.


This book was published in 2000 and has been one of the best-selling non-fiction essay collections.

David Sedaris, American humorist and writer, published a bestselling collection of essays in 2000 titled, Me Talk Pretty One Day. This selection of essays is in two parts, the first one being about the author’s life before he moved to France. The second part is about his life in Normandy with his partner and how he coped with learning the French language.

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Sedaris is also a playwright, having written with his sister, actress , several plays under the name "The Talent Family". These include Stump the Host (1993), Stitches (1994), The Little Frieda Mysteries (1997), All were produced and presented by when she was the artistic director of "the CLUB" at and The Book of Liz (2002) produced by Ania A. Shapiro. Sedaris also co-authored Incident at Cobbler's Knob, which was presented and produced by David Rockwell at the Festival. Sets for those performances were designed by Sedaris's longtime partner, Hugh Hamrick, who also directed two of them, The Book of Liz and Incident at Cobbler's Knob.

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After working many odd jobs across Raleigh, Sedaris landed on a weekly Radio program, The Wild Room after the host, Ira Glass of the program discovered Sedaris reading his diary in a Chicago club. The show completely changed Sedaris’ life. Sedaris’ success on The Wild Room led to his National Public Radio debut on December 23, 1992, when he read a radio essay on Morning Edition titled “SantaLand Diaries”, which described his experiences working as an elf at Macy’s department store during Christmas time in New York.

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In December 2008, David Sedaris traveled to to act as the fall commencement speaker; he then received an honorary doctorate from current university president .