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GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), aka fiberglass, doors are quickly becoming the most popular form of replacement residential front door in the UK. Over the past ten years composite doors have slowly become more popular; now in their third generation composite doors are not only stylish but highly energy efficient and secure.

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Under current planning permission laws in Doncaster conservatories are limited to 3 meters in projection from the rear of a property. The width can be as wide as the property assuming that the conservatory does not block light into the neighbouring property. The new proposed changes could mean that conservatories can have a projection of up to 4 meters. The change in planning permission rules is proposed to increase the amount of conservatories and house extensions in the construction industry.

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The third option is only available to bungalows; in this situation it is possible to lower the pipe and fit a non return valve. This is a one way valve that ensures no gasses enter the conservatory while still allowing the pipe to draw in air to provide the required pressure.

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The inspection cover can either be raised to the new floor level and sealed to ensure no gases will escape or moved to the external of the proposed conservatory base. This is not a big job and is made easier because we would be excavating a large amount of the garden in the base construction process. This will typically add £200-£250 to the conservatory construction cost.

How does a window minimise air leakage?

Many gardens have an inspection cover which provides access to drainage or sewerage channels; it is a common misconception that this poses a problem to install a conservatory.

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It is essential to build your new conservatory on a base that will not move or suffer from subsidence in future. At AWM we tailor each conservatory base to the specific ground conditions for different areas of Doncaster. If a large amount of build up is required to bring the conservatory to house floor level then the footings must be much deeper and wider than standard in order to cope with the additional weight. As standard our conservatories in Doncaster will have footing at least 600mm deep and 500mm wide; depending on the site conditions it is sometimes necessary to double this depth and even add reinforcement cages to the concrete.

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Many properties in Doncaster and South Yorkshire have a drop at the rear of the property. This is more common in Sheffield and Rotherham due to the sudden elevation changes; this is not a problem for conservatories in Doncaster.

The maximum and minimum sizes for uPVC sash windows are as follows:

Some areas in the North of Doncaster are beneath the water table; in this situation it is recommended to construct the base using tanking solution on both the external and internal sides of the external course of bricks. This ensures that the conservator base is 100 percent water tight.