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All of these people are discussed in conspiracy books – most in many conspiracy books. AndJudyth claims “inside knowledge” about all of them, either from her personal experience, or viaconversations with Lee or David Ferrie. DellaRosa summarized his contacts with her by sayingthat “Judyth came off like she was the Forrest Gump of the JFK case – that she came in contactwith an incredible number of principals: Ruby, Ferrie, Garrison, Marcello, Roselli, and severalothers.”

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My sister and Debbee – who has been spending significant time at Dallas archives public library, where they let her, she says, have only one file at a time, are upsetagain because they were again being followed by a white van. This time there wasa satellite dish of some kind on top of the roof, they said. Anyway, I told them towrite an affidavit and get it notarized.

2. You don't have a history of cancer in your family.

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Of course, according to Judyth, her life was interesting all they way back to childhood. Judythtold Prof. Luis Urrea that as a child she was a close friend of , and used the word “nerd”(which she had invented) in his presence. He liked it, and used it in one of his books, making it acommon word in the language.

3. An ink bottle Lee supposedly used to fill his fountain pen

– Mafia boss in Tampa. Judyth claims that David Ferrie called her almost twoweeks after the assassination to inform her that Trafficante would be watching her, and that shewas to keep a low profile.

4. A W-2 form from Reily Coffee Company

The distinction between script types is an important one for the study of Middle English orthography (for a demonstration of this, see e.g. : 21-25). Our classification is based on that of . We distinguish between three main types of script: Textura, Anglicana and Secretary; for the two latter types, we also distinguish between formal and cursive styles. The following mixed types are also recognized: Bastard Anglicana, Bastard Secretary and a mixture of Anglicana and Secretary. Only a small part of the material has so far been classified, and the details of classification are still work in progress.

That did it, we began talking together.

– man with some CIA connections who got the visa to go to Mexicoimmediately before Lee Oswald in 1963. In later years he started describing seeing Oswald withFerrie and Banister on the streets in New Orleans.

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Hoch’s point is based on the unavoidable intuition that the vast majority of plotters fingered inconspiracy books must in fact be innocent – else a literal cast of thousands was involved inkilling Kennedy. Further, it’s vastly implausible that anywhere near a majority of the realplotters have been identified. Thus accounts that include too many familiar names appear tohave been drawn from conspiracy lore, and not real life experience.

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Both the classification of linguistic units and the range of database fields have undergone much modification from the test databases developed in the first period of project work in the late 1990s; much important work was at that stage carried out by Dr Simon Horobin. Cf. for a description of a much earlier model. This paper was originally given in 1999-. A partial description of a later test version is given in .