A Thousand Acres Essay Questions At A Glance

For supposing an island, separate from all possible commerce with the rest of the world, wherein there were but a hundred families, but there were sheep, horses, and cows, with other useful animals, wholesome fruits, and land enough for corn for a hundred thousand times as many, but nothing in the island, either because of its commonness or perishableness, fit to supply the place of money.

A thousand acres essay questions

Larry Cook, the senile, old power holder and father in Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres, is a prime example of a man who believes that women and land are nothing more than objects that exist on this earth only so that he can control them....

A thousand acres essay questions

A Thousand Acres Essay Questions Explained

Supposing the conqueror gives to one man a thousand acres, to him and his heirs for ever; to another he lets a thousand acres, for his life, under the rent of L50 or L500 per annum.

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Thus, at the beginning, Cain might take as much ground as he could till and make it his own land, and yet leave enough to Abel′s sheep to feed on: a few acres would serve for both their possessions.

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Jane Smiley, author of the best-selling “A Thousand Acres” and many other highly regarded books, has accepted a faculty appointment at the University of California, Riverside as distinguished professor of creative writing. Her appointment is effective July 1.

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Unlike King Lear, A Thousand Acres has one of the "bad" daughters as its narrator, which provides insight into the bitter conflict that undoes the family in the end.