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In connection with the visit to Lake George, I discovered among my father's manuscripts a historical essay delivered in 1885, from which I have taken the following: "About 1825, James Fenimore Cooper, the novelist, visited this section of country, with a view to familiarize himself with the scenery and roadways and perfect the details of a plan he had framed for a novel. During a great portion of this time he was the guest of the Hon. Peletiah Richards at Warrensburgh, who hospitably afforded him every opportunity for investigation and inquiry."

Bagerhat is a place of historical interest

In constructing the bridge the question of the cave came up, and finally it was decided to have prepared a suitable approach to the spot which has helped to make famous the falls at this place. Accordingly a design for a special stairway was prepared by William Mueser, president of the Concrete Steel Engineering Company, which is said to be the most unique concrete spiral stairway in America. Its shaft, four and one-half feet in diameter, was poured of cement by the contractors on December 23, 1914, and the stairway was built during the winter of 1914-15. On December 29, 1914, the steps which encircle the shaft, about fifty in number, wre finished and later an ornamental metal railing was added for safety in ascending or descending the stairway. The stairway is about thirty-live feet high. It is located on the west side of the viaduct about fifty feet north of the deep gorge. It has been marked by a suitable tablet. Since the beginning of the world's war it ha, been closed to the public by order of the sheriff of. Saratoga county. Some day, however, it will be opened agiln, and then visitors to this spot will find a more comfortable manner of reaching the caves, and a more attractively kept spot, than were enjoyed by Cooper and his party in 1825 {sic}.

Veliyangadi is not a typical 'place of interest' to visit

Some of my favorite historical places to visit