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Students often frown when they have to write essays and research papers on abortion because coming up with a unique topic is hard. Writing a research project about abortion is a tricky task, because the topic itself is. Term paper on abortion - 100% non-plagiarism guarantee of exclusive essays & papers.
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However, the genetic bond, particularly for women, seems to be veryimportant psychologically. While thinking about the ideas for this paper,I spoke with two women who seemed to me to have inconsistent views aboutone's (natural or moral) rights concerning their genetic offspring. Thesewomen saw no reason that an unmarried father (or father-to-be) shouldhave any say about whether the fetus is aborted or not, how the pregnantwoman should take care of her own health and well-being, and whether thebaby should be offered for adoption or not. Yet they thought a woman shouldbe able to decide that an embryo she does not want to carry (which couldfeasibly be transplanted into the womb of a woman who wants to rear it)could be terminated instead of transplanted. These women seemed to thinkthat there is some more important relationship, and responsibility andrights, between a mother and child than between a father and child -- evenif the genetic mother is not the one who will carry the embryo in her bodyuntil it is born. Unlike me, they think the physical aspects of pregnancyare not what sometimes creates an earlier emotional attachment not opento fathers, but that something does at a female genetic level or very earlygestation time for a woman. One of these women, an attorney, even saw noreason why a man should have any determination about abortion even if hewere forced, say at gunpoint, to have intercourse with some woman who wantedto have a child. It seems to me this kind of distinction between a geneticmother's rights and a genetic father's rights is unwarranted in a casewhere the genetic mother does not have to be, or is not, the gestationmother.

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The paper is not meant to be a blueprint for laws determining abortionbecause, unlike what some opponents of abortion would have us believe,not all women who seek abortions do so out of selfish (trivial) conveniencefor themselves; and for those women of conscience who are honestly tryingto do the right thing, abortion (even if right) is often still a traumaticand sad experience that will linger in memory for life, without it beingmade more difficult by legislators, lawyers, judges, and juries -- particularlythose who (seem to) lack sympathy, understanding, and/or sense. Legal proceduresoften are time-consuming, enervating, and expensive; they are often logicallyfrustrating and morally disenchanting; and they are not always morallyfair, even when legally valid.The toll this all exacts on people who use the courts when they are certainthey are in the right sometimes is more than it is worth, even if theywin, and particularly if they lose. To subject a sincerely morally perplexedand psychologically troubled woman unhappily contemplating an abortionto the argumentative, posturing process courtrooms often involve does notseem the most humane way to deal with this problem.