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These merit-based scholarships are awarded by your college for academic achievement. Inquire about these awards at your school’s financial aid office, though you may not even have to apply for an academic award; they are often wrapped into the financial aid package offered by the college, based on your college application.

Academic Scholarship Office | University of Arkansas

The University of Kentucky is pleased to provide scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen. Students may receive only one scholarship through the Academic Scholarship Program, including academic, competitive*, & selective scholarship awards. Scholarship offerings are subject to change each year. Scholarship awards will be offered pending early application and availability of funds. Please note that combined test scores, also known as a superscore, will not be considered. Completed admission application and all supporting documents, including qualifying test score and high school transcript, must be received by December 1, 2017.

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ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP. The application process for The Junior League of Birmingham Academic Scholarship opens January 2, 2018. The scholarship …

Students must apply for admission, complete the competitive academic scholarship section of the admission application, and submit all supporting documents by December 1, 2017. Selected applicants may be invited to campus for interviews.