Reasons for Using City Space for Trees

I have never heard of this happening before. I suggest you contact the British Council again and ask for an explanation for them withholding your results. Make it very clear in your note that you are deeply concerned and would like to know why your results are being withheld.
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Reasons for Using City Space for Housing

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Firstly, please let me say thank to you for your very useful website. Can you help me look over the introduction of a related topic to this? Here are the question and my introduction :
Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today. What are the causes of global warming and what measures can goverment and individuals take to tackle the issue?
Intro :
Global warming is one of the most desparate difficulties that human have to deal with nowadays. This essay will show a number of justifications for the problem and give a suggestion on what people can do to solve it.
Please check the work, and if you have time, can you give me some ideas for this essay?
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The issue in the question is about using land for humans or animal rights.

The vocabulary is appropriate but there are grammar errors. Make sure you introduce both sides in your background statement – you failed to mention housing.

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Furthermore, reading skills have also been poor owing to uncontrolled use of technological devices. With the advent of sophisticated applications for chatting and browsing the internet such as whatsapp, Facebook,Google and so on, many teenagers spend most of their time online. As a result, they are left with little or no time to read and study independently. Also, availability of e-books have made many to loose interest in reading conventional books.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Teenagers’ writing skills have suffered greatly due to excessive use of cell phones and computers. Firstly, children are no longer interested in developing their natural handwriting skills. In other words, most of them prefer to type documents on the computer rather than using their hands to write. Consequently, many have lost touch with the ability to write legibly which has had a detrimental effect on academic performance. Secondly, most teenagers have lost the ability to spell correctly since most of these devices have software that can spell-check words and also assist in constructing correct sentences.

Thanks you, do you think that it is a good essay???

It’s a good essay. You have answered the question and giving clear ideas. Just make sure you don’t confuse the reader in the conclusion. Don’t try to introduce something new there. Be safe with your writing. Your vocabulary is good but you need to work on your grammar.
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By the way, I have went over them, they are absolutelty useful

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Kindly review this essay for me. Will it get up to band 7?
Question: Some people think that excessive use of mobile phones and computers badly affects teenagers’ writing and reading skills. Do you agree or disagree. Give your opinion.