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Participating in community service activities as a high school student can be highly beneficial, and not just in acing a college interview. Students who get involved can expect to reap many benefits from their extracurricular work, than those who don't.

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The competition for certain scholarships can be fierce.

Many students find it difficult to "market" themselves in this manner.

Many persons, including some still opposed tointervening, came to realize they were willing to fight for theircountry if German actions compelled America to enter the war.

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A thesis is a sentence that ties up your arguments and gives your essay a purpose. It’s not easy to create a good thesis statement right away, so it’s advisable to compose it before you start writing the body of your paper. You may even write several versions of your thesis and show them to your teacher. They’ll indicate the best version and give you advise on how to improve it if needed. You can also use help of professional writers, but do not even whisper the phrase "" when your teacher is around.

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Your introduction should attract the reader’s attention. The best way to do this is to start with an eye-catching sentence that is called a hook. You may use different hooks, like interesting facts, provocative questions, famous quotations, anecdotes, etc. as long as they are connected to your topic. A good hook will immediately make the reader want to continue reading.

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Each body paragraph should start with a clear topic sentence that presents the argument or point that you’re going to discuss in this paragraph. This will make your text more understandable for the reader. Each paragraph should include only one argument.

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The conclusion should convey your final message to the reader and make them think about what they’ve just read. You may connect the final conclusion sentence to the introduction hook to make your essay look completed.

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HanlonAs the first rumble of the Great War's cannon fire reached theNew World, there had already formed a decisive bloc opposing Americanbelligerency.