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From haiku masters to romantic bohemians, poets pay attention to the seasons. Often poets are drawn towards the time between seasons, the time when both death and life, endings and beginnings, merge into each other and confuse us. Christmas, too, has its seasonal place deep in winter or deep in summer when the old year fades and a new one beckons. It seems fitting that we celebrate the birth of a famous baby at this time, a baby born in poverty as the story goes, born under a star that promised celestial light for everyone – but only through an ultimate sacrifice. Birth and death are entangled here too.

The Christmas tree: Pagan origins, Christian adaptation and secular status

The period at the climax of the year, December 25th, which we celebrate as Christmas is the time when consumers increase their spending to an outrageous level and business persons become elated as their shelves become depleted of the products that assist in our celebrations....

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In the United States, most businesses close for at least one day during year to celebrate Christmas....

The things that happen during the Thanksgiving season are separate in my mind from the celebration of Christmas, but the entire marketing campaign would like to disagree; Christmas commercials and music are played on television channels during Thanksgiving time.

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The art of Christmas giving isn’t hard to master;
so many boxes filled and wrapped with intent
to be posted, or tossed across a room faster.
Give something every Christmas despite a flutter
of your heart at money badly spent.
The art of Christmas giving isn’t hard to master.
Then practice wrapping faster, tossing faster:
aunts and uncles, siblings and others you meant
to placate with baubles, ignore the disaster.
I gave my mother’s watch away once or twice, or
did I offer it, with my house, for rent?
The art of Christmas is sometimes hard to master.
I gave away something pretty once, and some pasta
got from Italy, two gingers and a continent
-al sausage or two. I miss them, what a disaster.
Even giving Christmas the boot (what a gesture,
I loved it) is still some kind of giving it is evident.
The art of Christmas giving isn’t hard to master
though it may look like (take that) someone’s cruel laughter.

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A Christmas Carol was set in mid 19th century, during this time people had a really bad time; most of the people was unemployed and the people who were employed were paid deficiently, others were seasonal or casual, which meant they were when work was available so most of the families lived in poverty which means that they didn’t have access to nice food and clothes and children were also used for the family income so the children had to work in work houses....

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Glory be to Christmas for wrapped-up things—
For cellophane pocked parcels ribboned as a matron’s corset;
Toppling over angels, young pine trees bucketed; stippled lights
In neon windows sungstrung on star hung boulevards that bring
The red-eyed tourists in to see reindeers run a red nosed orbit,
Dazzled, dim, stable birthed blessedness. Praise Him—and all the little mites.

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The Spanish Christmas season officially starts on December 8th, with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception; and ends on January 6th, or El Dia de los Reyes Magos (3 Kings Day).