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Approximately twelve years ago, I had a chance to meet the late great Romanian physician Dr. Emanuel Revici at a gathering in San Francisco to honor his extraordinary research work. Dr. Revici, who developed the theory of anabolic and catabolic imbalances as a factor in disease progression, was a genius whose monumental contribution to medicine and to our understanding of the disease process has yet to be widely recognized. Recently I had a chance to meet with Dr. Revici’s niece, Elena Avram, who is proudly carrying on her uncle’s work at the Revici Metropolitan Center in New York City. She gave me a copy of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer by William Kelley Eidem, a book about Dr. Revici’s work, as well as a short monograph titled Cancer: Causes and Implications for Treatment that she herself had written summarizing Dr. Revici’s observations about the pathogenesis and progression of cancer. I will be drawing primarily on this short essay in the following discussion of Dr. Revici’s research, and how it dovetails with my own work on Metabolic Typing.

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We have developed a simple, accurate methodology utilizing a modified glucose tolerance test along with a dietary, physical, and psychological questionnaire to determine any individual's metabolic type dominance. Without this metabolic type testing, accurate nutritional protocols happen only by chance, not through scientific rationale. This is why the field of nutrition appears so confounding and perplexing - what works for one patient with a condition does not work for a different patient with the same condition...unless you know the metabolic type involved. Keep in mind, whereas the slow oxidizer and the sympathetic dominant cannot have a heavily weighted meat and fat diet, the fast oxidizer and the parasympathetic should in order to be healthy. Different foods and supplements have different biochemical actions on each of these metabolic types. Potassium will acidify the blood in certain metabolic types (slow oxidizers) and alkalize in other types (parasympathetics). It is not the focus of this essay to explain our metabolic testing, but to give credit to and express respect for the gifted scientists that uncovered a wonderful discipline from which we all can prosper through a lifetime of good health and well-being.

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In this essay thefollowing industries with unfair trade will be covered: Cotton, chocolate andbanana.

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This essay will cover examples of what industries are using unfair trade; these include chocolate workers from Ghana in Africa and cotton growers/textile workers in China.

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apricots, artichokes, asparagus, cantaloupe, carrots, chestnuts, chicken, cottage cheese, egg plant, grapefruit, lean beafburgers, lobster, mussels, pears, pot cheese, scallops, shrimp, strawberries, tangerines, tomatoes, veal...andfor Special Comfort drink bouillon, cofee, tea."
---, Theodore Isaac Rubin, M.D.

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