Keep individuals from personally attacking one another.

Though possessing the Feeling (F) trait, ISFJs have excellent analytical abilities; though Introverted (I), they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though they are a Judging (J) type, ISFJs are often receptive to change and new ideas.

Some of us choose to decide things impersonally on analysis, logic,and principle.

: Jungian analyst James Hillman received his doctorate from the University of Zurich and his analyst’s diploma from the C. G. Jung Institute, where he was Director of Studies. Best known for his work on “archetypal psychology” in his book by that name, he also published Anima: An anatomy of a personified notion (1985), and Senex and Puer (2006). His essay on the Feeling function appears in Jung’s Lectures on Typology (1971), coauthored with Marie-Louise von Franz.

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This term was coined by Carol Shumate to describe the combination of any of the eight Jungian function-attitudes with its archetypal energy, as determined by type code, according to Beebe’s eight-function model. Each function-attitude (Se, Si, Ne, Ni, Te, Ti, Fe, and Fi) carries the archetypal energy associated with the position it occupies in the eight-function hierarchy of a given personality type.

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(aka ): Jung describes this archetype as both “the boy who is born from the maturity of the adult man,” and “the unconscious child we would like to remain.” Beebe sees the tertiary function of each personality type as carrying this perennially childish energy: creative and irresponsible, exuberant and pouty, resilient and vulnerable.

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Beebe coined this term for the archetypal energy around the fifth function in his model. This is the same mental function (S, N, T, or F) as the dominant but with the opposite attitude, extraverted or introverted. Jung said that such opposite-attitude functions, like Ti and Te, are “incessantly at war.” Beebe says that the Opposing Personality archetype represents an entire personality hiding in our shadow that sometimes pushes back against the conventional wisdom of the conscious personality.

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(aka Eight-Function Eight Archetype Model): According to John Beebe, each of the four preferred functions of the Myers-Briggs model is “shadowed” by its opposite-attitude function in the psyche. Beebe’s model thus posits a sequence of eight functions for each of the sixteen types, and each position carries the emotional energy of a particular archetype (see Eight-Function Chart below). The sequence does not imply any chronology of development, nor even gradations of consciousness, although functions in the higher positions tend to be more accessible to consciousness (see also Shadow). Beebe drew the names for seven of the eight archetypes from Jung’s work, while the eighth, Opposing Personality, is his own term.