My brain communicates in synch with my body.

A defect in a transporter for cholineacetyltransferase results in a lack of acetylcholine at the synapses, which among other things gives rise to an uncoordinated fly.

Their individual personalities complete with likes and dislikes shone through their disorders.

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But who is waving the baton that conducts this perfect symphony?

As my undergraduate studies at St.

A new book highlights how women and people of color were organizing their workplaces at impressive rates during the 1970s—they just weren’t winning.

The #MeToo movement and the existential threat to patriarchy

While reading about the research being done in the Behavioral Neuroscience program at Binghamton, I have come across work that can provide answers to my questions about the brain and its link with behavior.

Are women invariably the victims or do women bear any responsibility?

Besides opening up the world of scientific research to me, my experiences here have taught me that mistakes do not always have to hold you back, and often take you closer to your goal.

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After standardizing some protocols myself, I now understand the kind of effort that goes into developing the techniques that make my work so much easier.

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Perhaps there will come a time when research about the brain will eventually culminate in an understanding so profound that it will allow us to tell just from a simple MRI, the kind of life an individual has led.

The world isn’t divided into Roy Moore-like predators and angels.

Research in Behavioral Neuroscience at Binghamton has raised many relevant questions and I would like to be one of the people working towards the answers.

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