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Since Rick first lit the show almost 25 years ago, there have obviously been significant advancements in lighting technology; something he has incorporated into this production. Rick comments: “A lot of the lamps we used on the original rig have now become obsolete – the show has outlived the technology! For previous productions, we have always relied heavily on tungsten. Now LED technology is able to produce similar effects to tungsten lights yet do so using much less energy”.

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Dave Isherwood, WL’s Technical Director, comments: “At WL, we always ensure that we invest in the latest technology so that designers such as Rick receive the greatest amount of options. We immediately recognised the quality and versatility of the X4 Bars hence the reason we added them to our extensive inventory. They have already been used on a series of shows and we expect this to continue”.

An Inspector Calls is a play written by English dramatist J

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An Inspector Calls is written by J.B. Priestley and tells the story of a family’s dinner party being interrupted by the mysterious Inspector Goole who is investigating the death of a young woman. Rick comments: “What’s great about An Inspector Calls is that it’s still a brilliant production which resonates with a lot of audiences. Generation after generation have seen the piece and it seems to be as popular as ever”.