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The recognition of the relation of a collectivemode and an individual product—and these are the only categories we can initially presume—isa recognition of related practices. That is to say, the irreducibly individualprojects that particular works are, may come in experience and analysis to showresemblances which allow us to group them into collective modes. These are byno means always genres. They may exist as resemblances within and across genres.

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I will analyze Dynacorp through the political lens to discuss the factors that will hinder of facilitate the success of the change to the front end/back end design (Dynacorp Revisited, 2005: M-2, 85)....

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This essay analyses gender mainstreaming as a new form of feminist policies, which is often contested.

Likewise, my book Narration in the Fiction Film, written while we werewaiting for a publisher to risk printing CHC, recasts some of the CHC’stheoretical framework pertaining to narration and situates classical narrationin a wider field of options. Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema is an authorialstudy that tries to capture Ozu’s transformation of norms he inheritedfrom both Hollywood and Japanese film traditions. My books on the history ofstyle and the traditions of cinematic staging are further studies in norms andtheir creative recasting. Many of my online essays and blog entries bear on thesame issues. My study of Eisenstein is at once an auteur analysis and an accountof a director who himself explicitly aimed to create a poetics of cinema. Mostrecently, the first essay in Poetics of Cinema is my attempt to sumup what I’m aiming to accomplish in the study of film. In sum, if anyoneis tempted to take what I wrote in CHC as definitive, or as my finalthoughts, I urge them to turn to my later work. I’ve learned a few thingssince 1985.

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Perhaps the most valuable thing I’ve learned isthat analyzing craft is endlessly interesting. By studying Hollywood with mytwo collaborators I was constantly reminded that art-making is a human activity,guided by will and skill, working on materials inherited from others. And thisactivity takes place within a community of artisans, who are sharing informationbut also competing to do something fresh. The line between craft and artistryin its more exalted sense is a hazy one, and I don’t claim to be able todefine it. But I’veworried little about drawing that line. Instead, I’ve surrendered to thepleasure of finding things out about how filmmakers do what they do. I want toknow their secrets, even the ones they don’t know they know.

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When I came onto the project in the late 1970s, also influentialfor me were Marxism and the ideological critique of romantic authorship sincethese theories assumed a historical materialist base. This philosophicalposition was much more credible to explain history and historical change. Italso fit with my biography as a working-class daughter who was a first-generationcollege student. Itmatched my political progressivism. Turning to an eclectic group of Marxisttheorists—Harry Braverman, Raymond Williams, Jean-Louis Comolli, John Ellis,Louis Althusser, and other analyses of modes of production—I looked for(and found) valuable explanations about how and why labor divided and constructedsystems of bureaucracy and work patterns to insure both the standardization anddifferentiation of an entertainment product. One of the points that I stressedwas that “what was occurring was not a result of a Zeitgeist orimmaterial forces. The sites of the distribution of these practices werematerial: labor, professional, and trade associations, advertising materials,handbooks, film reviews” (CHC, 89). Although I had not beenreading contemporaneous structural-functionalist production of culture literatureby Howard Becker, Paul DiMaggio, Paul Hirsch, Richard A. Peterson, and others,similar general issues permeated both sets of literature even if the theoreticalexplanations differed.

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There are multiple reasons why either film would be chosen over the other including storyline, affect on the viewer, actors/actresses, and the taste the viewer has with certain movies.