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Moreover, from what we now know of the Pharisees at the time of Paul, not to mention also the Essenes at Qumran, the maintenance of ritual purity, particularly the ritual purity of the meal table, was a primary concern and major preoccupation.32 No wonder then that the men from James were so upset by the slackness of Peter and the other Jewish Christians at Antioch on these matters.

We left off where Paul and his companions went to Lydia’s house before they left.

The Gentiles are ‘sinners’ precisely in so far as they neither know nor keep the law given by God to Israel.27 Paul therefore prefaces his first mention of ‘being justified’ with a deliberate appeal to the standard Jewish belief, shared also by his fellow Jewish Christians, that the Jews as a race are God’s covenant people.

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On this episode, Paul White talks about the Apostle Paul's usage of "foolish Galatians".

In favor of his authorship it may be noted that (1) while Mark and Lukegive the fourth pair of Apostles as "Matthew and Thomas," the Gospel ofMatthew gives them as "Thomas and Matthew"; and (2) while Luke 5:29explicitly states, and Mark 2:15 suggests, that Matthew gave a banquetfor Jesus, Matthew 9:10 in describing the same banquet does not indicatewho the host was.

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It is that Jewish-Christian understanding which provides Paul with sufficient common ground for his dialogue with his fellow Jewish believers in Christ, and out of that Paul develops his own more characteristic emphasis (Gal.

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When these two sets of considerations are taken together (a and b), it becomes clearer that by ‘the righteousness of God’ Paul means the power of divine grace which is effective ‘for salvation’ (Rom.

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The models of the man of faith are for Paul the founding fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, where covenant membership was neither determined by physical descent (racial consanguinity) nor dependent on works of law (Rom.

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Whereas, if Paul was really speaking against the too narrow understanding of God’s covenant promise and of the law in nationalist and racial terms, as I have argued, a much more coherent and consistent reconstruction of the continuities and discontinuities between Paul and Palestinian Judaism becomes possible.

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Over against Peter and the other Jewish Christians Paul insists that God’s verdict in favour of believers comes to realization through faith, from start to finish, and in no way depends on observing the works of law which hitherto had characterized and distinguished the Jews as God’s people.