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"…thelevel of brain activity was measured in hundreds ofteenagers playing a Nintendo game and compared to the brain scans ofother students doing a simple, repetitive arithmetical exercise. To thesurprise of brain-mapping expert Professor Ryuta Kawashima and his teamat Tohoku University in Japan, it was found that the computer game onlystimulated activity in the parts of the brain associated with visionand movement.

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Childrenoften do things they shouldn't because theirfrontal lobes are underdeveloped. The more work done to thicken thefibres connecting the neurons in this part of the brain, the better thechild's ability will be to control their behaviour. The more this areais stimulated, the more these fibres will thicken.

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You must explore the list of webpages below and make notesabout the information contained in each. Then, using your notes you canmake up your mind about whether computer games are good or bad. Youwill be required to present your arguments as an essay.

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Youmay find useful for takingnotes as you read. (You will be graded on your note-taking as well asyour essay.) It is acceptable to do cutting and pasting, but please remember that you are supposed to betaking notes! You can cut and paste, but thenreduce the points until they are notes, not sentences.

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