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The early part of the 20th Century was an important and troubling time in Russia's History.

Lee & Ken Smith [2010]
Simonides of Ceos, Inscription on the grave of the at Thermopylae;
color added; often mistranslated as "laws."
(d.959 AD), acclamation for Imperial banquet, , Book I, Chapter 65, "What it is necessary to observe at the dance, that is, at the banquet" [Constantine Porphyrogennetos, , translated by Ann Moffatt and Maxeme Tall, with the Greek edition of the Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae (Bonn, 1829), Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, Byzantina Australiensia 18, Canberra, 2012, Volume I, p.295]

Russian Revolution of 1917 Essay example -- Russian History

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One of the most important of these factors was the continuous strain of unsuccessful warfare Russia was engaged in, including their earlier involvement in the Russo-Japanese war, where they faced a humiliating defeat, and World War I, which lost the government the support of the army as millions died and were replenished by more hastily trai...