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What you never knew about the Middle Ages. Rob and Cyndy Shearer say if your student studies history it will build wisdom and reinforce character. The Shearers describe their method for teaching twaddle-free history. The Shearers wonder if the human race is going uphill, downhill, or over the hill.

This is what it might look like when your moral compass is due for a little recalibration:

Here’s how to do it. A chance for homeschoolers to learn to perform in a friendly venueCheryl Costello Want music in your homeschool?

now you can find out why! National acclaim!

Have you ever seen The Biggest Loser? It’s filled with the Power of Guidance themes.

How do you prepare, and why should you care about these National Merit tests? The last year of homeschool, graduation and on to college Match your talents and personality with the perfect college With a few organizing techniques and documentation procedures, it becomes much less fraught making a college resume for your homeschool student. You cannot fail in your college application if you follow these important steps. Learn to write an incredible counselor letter. Our daughters need proper guidance and counsel, too. Tips on how to make a school profile. There are many elements which go into a high school transcript. Learn how Jeannette Webb challenges her children to push themselves beyond their comfort zones in their education. Find out how to let passion flower in your home. Sometimes it cannot hurt to think big for high school research projects. Sacrifice a little neatness and make your home a place where kids love to learn. Nothing promotes learning like a house full of books.

Some hints on how to trade tinsel for timeless treasures.

at home.Rebecca Kenney Looking back fondly on homeschool days with Mom.Andrew Kern They said classical education was dead.

Kudos to the of for some of the lists above.

Read his state-of-the-homeschool address covering nine countries, and find out what you can do to help your fellow homeschoolers in other lands. Why you can do it better than a school official, why it's best for your child, and how to deal with the laws. You've taught them everything from reading to math...

Hemingway’s Bank What does it mean to be grown up?

and instantly "publishing" your work.Diane Flynn Keith Diane Flynn Keith rips into the Tightwad Gospel.Stephen Kemp Four ways to get that degree...

Big" may not be the best goal for your life. What would Jesus do?

Why there's not enough time in the world for life to have created itself.Marsha Iddings How homeschooling benefitted this severely physically handicapped boyNicole Johnson A reminder that some of our best work is done behind the scenes.Elizabeth Kays A homeschooled teen introduces us to the facinating world of writing about your favorite characters...

Division practice with a difference!Barbara Henderson

and how home-schoolers (mostly) stopped them. How to keep homeschooling even when Mom is in difficult circumstances. Don't expect vague platitudes: Chris tells it like it is! Top ten tips for building character.