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Atticus Finch is a character of stability in an unstable society. He is a balanced figure who is able to cope with the unreasonable and highly emotional town in which he lives. He can manage the prejudiced white masses and still deal justly with the underprivileged Neg...

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In other areas, a renaissance of porches are a projection – literally – of a desire to encourage an ideal community in which everyone is friendly and knows each other. In Florida, Seaside is one such planned community with specific architectural guidelines about porches, which has spawned several other “ideal” towns or suburbs across North America.

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Then, she had an idea. Her brother-in-law is a musician. When he visited them when they lived in Toronto, he would play in their kitchen as informal entertainment. Why not on a porch? “I wanted to meet people in our neighbourhood and find a way for people to experience community and art in a new way.” She approached homeowners with big porches and asked if she could use it for a free pop-up concert. It was a big success.

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Traditional porch love, he says, is “white Anglo-Saxon romanticism that goes along with ‘work ethic’ and racial segregation. It is an urban archetype of the past that was a fabulous model for community that really worked well in homogeneous cultures, where, say, everyone on the street was Portuguese.”

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To proponents of “vertical living,” such as Gregory Henriquez, managing partner of Henriquez Partners Architects in Vancouver, the porch is something far less proprietary than it used to be. For a recent high-rise rental project in West Vancouver called the Lauren, his firm has, he says, “put in place a very complex series of outdoor public spaces – a little parkette that has public art, a place for kids, an outdoor barbecue area, an indoor/outdoor dining room, a gymnasium, all on the ground floor, which everyone walks through.” Social programs and events in those common areas were started as part of the building’s management. Chessboards have been built into some of the seating areas.

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Which helps explain why porches often provoke an emotional response. They can cause us to mourn a seemingly lost way of life – one that is slower, friendlier, like a Norman Rockwell image – when community was found on the street rather than online; when passing cars didn’t rule the road. A rebuke of contemporary urban life, in which many people reside in skyscrapers, gazing down upon human ants, the front porch is a platform for nostalgia.

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“Notions about socializing and privacy have changed over the last few generations,” says Peter Ward, retired history professor at the University of British Columbia and author of . “We are choosier about the public we want to have an exchange with.”

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The veranda had its heyday in the mid-19th century, architects explain, and its decline after the Second World War with the rise of modernism. The back of the house with a deck overlooking the garden became the preferred space rather than the front rooms.