Attila (Attila the Hun), was the ruler of the Huns from 434 to 453

Now that he had returned to Baghdad after years of military campaigning, Alexander took the opportunity to rest and to plan his next conquest. On May 29 he attended a dinner given by a close friend. Alexander joined in the heavy drinking during the day-long event. Complaining that he did not feel well, he went to bed. Alexander's health steadily deteriorated as fever wracked his body. Finally, too weak to leave his bed, the conqueror of the world died ten days after he was stricken.

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Attila the Hun (born about 406 - died 453): Upon Rugulas' death in 433, Attila and his older brother Bleda (nephews of Rugulas) became co-leaders of the Huns.

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: The nomadic warlike people who conquered much of the Old World in the 5th century; Attila the Hun was the greatest Hun leader.

He wrote “The Stories of Attila the Hun’s Death: Narrative, Myth, and Meaning” (2001) and was a guest speaker at academic conferences on language origins and the philosophy of consciousness topics.

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The two researchers discovered the extreme shifts in prevailing climate by poring over documentary sources and environmental samples. The historical accounts helped provide socio-political context for the Mongolian military campaign in eastern Hungary. Tree-rings from across Europe were analyzed to reconstruct the year-to-year, longer-term climate changes. To learn more about Buntgen’s and Di Cosmo’s methods, read the study .

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[Refugees from a demolished Padua (a city in northeastern Italy) fled and founded the city of Venice, which they built on the water in a lagoon so the new city would be protected from invaders.] Pope Leo I intervened and convinced Attila to stop the destruction of Italy -- Rome was spared (although some historians say that Attila stopped his campaign because of rampant disease and a lack of supplies).

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—. “A.G. Dickens as a Yorkshire Historian.” Historical Research 77.195 (Feb. 2004): 111-27. [This article is one of an entire volume of Historical Research devoted to the life and work of A.G. Dickens. This article in particular attends to his affection for Yorkshire and the work leading up to his 1959 Lollards and Protestants in the Diocese of York, 1509-58.]

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Attila the Hun was the most successful king of the Huns; Attila was often called the "Scourge of God."Under Attila's rule, the Huns united and extended their territory greatly, reaching ever deeper into Europe.

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Rugulas: A Hunnish horde under the leader Rugulas (also called Rua, Roas, or Rugila), attacked the eastern Roman Empire (ruled by Emperor Theodosius) in A.D.