The Battle of Gettysburg was not only a turning point in the war.

The driver was excellent, he dropped us at a place where you could have lunch and combine it with some shopping, which we took advantage of. the battlefield tour itself was absorbing and atmospheric. We stopped at 2 places on the battlefield, both Union positions. I felt there should have been a stop on the Confederate side. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, I suspect time was a factor here. We had stopped at the Shriver House and found this to be well worth the stop. We intend to go back to Gettysburg and take at least 2 days to self guide the battlefield armed with a good guidebook. My wife who is not interested in military history also really enjoyed this tour, that speaks for itself.

The Battle of Gettysburg roared on for three whole days until the North, finally, was victorious.

This was a great experience. It was raining, so this turned out to be a great day for a day trip to Gettysburg. Good guides, good humor, great tour of a private house and battlefield. Could have spent a lot more time at the visitor center, but all in all a great day.

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3 days before the battle of Gettysburg the Union replaced General Hooker with General George G....

This definitely a tour not to be missed. From the booking office where the staff were very pleasant and helpful to our tour driver who was David the Bear Cooper , he is an asset to the company . David welcomed everyone on to he bus and introduced himself. Throughout the tour we were given lots of information, then the Gettysburg film was shown to get us all in the frame of mind to what was going to be an amazing day as we made our way towards the town of Gettysburg. Once we arrived in Gettysburg David informed us of the history attached to the area as we were driving towards the Shriver house were we had our first stop. After touring around this house/ museum, we got back on to the bus and drove to the visitors centre where David gave us information and data about the centre and the orientation film which we would see. David went, obtained and gave us our tickets for the show. When we left the visitors centre and boarded the bus we were introduced to Dave who is an official tour guide for the Battlefields. The whole tour was brought to life by these two guides, both David. I would definitely recommend this tour. We thoroughly enjoyed our day.

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A lot of people may remember the battle of Gettysburg by Pickett’s charge or Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, but anyone would not think about what actually happened during the battle.

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The South called themselves the Confederates, while the North called themselves the Union army.2 The battle of Gettysburg was one of the most horrific battles of the Civil War.

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The Battle of Gettysburg represents a vital turning point during the Civil War because it was the battle with most casualties in the United States, it restored the faith of the Union Army and the confederates never gained back the offensive position resulting in the Union Army gaining the victory of this war....