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Sadly, the fear of water that was instilled in African-Americans back then has become self-perpetuating. “Don’t you know blacks don’t swim?” Jones remembers being told by members of his family. It’s time to bury that stereotype at sea. As of 2010, 15 European countries had made swimming a compulsory part of their education curriculums. Ideally, the United States would do the same. Not likely, I know, when even dry land physical education programs are being slashed. But we can and should do better.

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She says, the people say you never work with hair like that, natural hair…I thought about changing my name; somebody suggested I get a nose job…and I'm just like I'm just trying to be me…” she continues by pointing out that “the message was, who I am isn’t enough.” In addition to being beat down by those around them, Famous African American women tear themselves down also....

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According to the 2010 United States Census Bureau, the total population for South Carolina (S.C.) is 4,625,364, with 27.9% being of African-American descent.