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If the instructions ask you to discuss both sides and give your opinion, then you put both in your introduction. See my advanced lessons if you want in-depth training:

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2 – In a previous IELTS exam I faced with the the word “And” and it was a problem for me, lol. The question was something like that: Modern technology could help in reduce and preventing crime , do you agree or disagree.
I do not know if the question need two separate paragraphs (one for reducing and the other for preventing) or not …
If you could clarify it would be great.
Thank you again Liz

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Hi Liz
Is it mandatory to make a separate paragraph for your opinion in a discussion essay or can we write the whole essay without it?
Thank you

In this case, you just follow instructions:

Hi Liz, I have written a response to this question without reading the model essay. Could you please tell me which band I am likely to secure? And any suggestions please?
Completion of higher education is considered as a vital step for one’s professional progression. Anyhow, getting skilled and experienced in various fields is also detrimental for professional grooming and economic independence. In my opinion, some practical skills must be attained by students during their educational journey but they must complete their university education first in order to get ensured economic stability later on and shouldn’t be relying wholly upon soft skills. These additional skills must be seen as a top up in their career building.

Just present the information in that way.

Greetings Liz,
I want to ask you about the length of task 2 essay, will there be any trouble in going beyond 300 words? Sometimes it’s hard for me to confine myself within the limit 260-280 you mentioned in one of your videos, so if all my ideas are relevant and on point, would there be any problem?

Sorry I don’t offer band scores.

Undoubtedly, university education, is accomplished successfully, promises wide chances of getting a white-collar job. Consequently, successful university graduates enjoy a prosperous and secure future with less risks of economic downfall and job instability.

Got it Liz!!! Thanks alot 🙂 .Have a wonderful day

Moreover, the first prerequisite for any employment position is most frequently a degree in some particular field. Then the relevant experience follows. So, completion of education is a must for securing a good job.

Thank you Liz ! Everything is clear for me now.

Hi Liz! Thanks for sharing this essay! I noticed you included your opinion in the introduction and body of the paragraph. Is it always that way?Can I state my opinion in the conclusion only?