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Enjoying:Think about what Blanche stood for and what Stanley stands for. And wonder about Blanche’s fear of “this dark march toward whatever it is we're approaching.”

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Streetcar ends unhappily, but it’s not a tragedy, strictly speaking. We do not start with a character who is high and then brought low. Blanche Dubois (Vivien Leigh) is at her nadir when she arrives at the Kowalski household. Rather this is a story in which two forces grind at each other until one crushes the other. Stanley Kowalski (Marlon Brando) embodies a brute, Stone Age masculinity, loud, violent, intensely sexual, given to savage rages. Blanche Dubois represents (at least at first) a delicate femininity, all magic and enchantment (plus some behind-the-scenes scheming), until Stanley exposes her, rapes her, and she collapses into madness. In between are two characters, Mitch (Karl Malden) and Stanley’s wife Stella (Kim Hunter) whose allegiance is to be won by one side or the other.

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Brando is her opposite. He wants his inner self to be just under the surface and ready to explode. Her eyes, unlike his, are constantly working. She rolls and blinks them flirtatiously, radiating cuteness and childishness and evasion—and sex. Or she looks directly when she is getting down to business with Stella. Her mouth has a girlish simper that she can turn on and off like a light bulb. And her voice! It is always high register, “cute,” until she gets down to the painful realities with Stella or Mitch. Critics agreed that her Blanche was sexier than Tandy’s. Her famous curtain line, “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers”—terribly ironic and bitter, given her encounters with strangers in the Hotel Flamingo—she delivers with the same girlish look up as all her flirtations. She won the Best Actress Oscar, while Brando was passed over for Bogart in African Queen.