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But, as mentioned above, it is by itself a good idea to mark executables as your own. It's easy with binaries: add a block (this part has been done before, but as you might have guessed if you know me: I lost the bookmark) with a cryptographic checksum (must be encrypted e.g. with a password given directly before execution or at boot time or sth.) and the kernel has a(n encrypted) list which one to execute, when and where. Security may rely on a working NX-implementation, but I haven't studied it, this scheme is just a rough sketch.
A bit more difficult are the scripts, you would have to rewrite all interpreters to support this scheme.
But how to solve the problem with the commandline? No CLI for the poor and hapless users? No fast&dirty(TM) shell scripts anymore?
Mmh...OK...two of three is not bad at all and you can build a good capabilities based access controll out of it which doesn't depend on trust but on well implemented cryptography: just encrypt the complete executable instead of only encrypting the "owners mark".
You could even get rid of root completly weren't it needed for installations especially installations of patches. You would have to install many excemptions to get it to work which would than kill all of the elegance and ease of the scheme.

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Now, if they sold you an email server that you ran yourself on hardware that you own (as I do) and didn't let you block messages from them, *that* would be heinous.