I still wish I had my foreskin back.

As amale-bodied individual, I am really upset that my parents made thedecision to have me snipped when I was fresh out of the oven without meeven having a say in the matter. I am against controlling other peoplesbodies in any way. If the statistics on the health benefits of beingcircumcised were accurate, which I deeply doubt they are, it shouldstill be a decision left for an adult-male to make about his own bodywhen he is of age to safely undergo the procedure of his own free will.

cirecire90 Wrote 6 months ago[February 2009]

- i was circumcised and thanks to that i lacksexual function and myparents regret forcing it on me at infancy, name ONE benefit i receivedfrom being mutilated

"If circumcision halves the risk..."

i m jealous...i m cut n really m mad at my parents4 having me circumsized...

...Ican honestly say that my parents well-intended decision to have mecircumcised has in some ways ruined my life. My sexual formation wasdysfunctional from the get go. For example, overly sensitive tosensation, I was really unable to endure intercourse until I was in mythirties. That ruined my first marriage. Overly sensitive to sensation,I became fixated at an early age on my genitals. ...

- poptart2nd on , April 13, 2010

... I encourage all parents NOT to circumcise yourbaby boys. Wheredo you get the right to chop off part of your baby's body? They don'teven use anesthetic when they do it to the baby. I'm angry that myparents did it to me.

Trowbridge H. Ford on (Sweden), April 29, 2010

... My penis wasruined just because an incompetentdoctor thought I’d be happy with the result. Well I’m not, and if I hadbeen left intact, I certainly wouldn’t have chosen it. It is high timethat the mutilating procedure was consigned to the garbage can ofhistory. ...

This video is very significant and deserves morepublicity.

In my heart, I know that being circumcised is thereason why I lacksensitivity, and because of my inability to reach climax, I've been tooashamed to be in a steady relationship. The physical and mental traumais real.

Circumcised Jew on May 8, 2010

Completely overwhelmed and hopeless, I decided tolook for answersonline. I stumbled across an Intactivist website that suggesstedperforming a test in which a cotton swab is used to contact variousparts of the penis to test the sensitivity. My results were horrible. Icould only feel the cotton swab directly on the tip of my Glans, and nowhere else.

By MeBrandonB on 06/16/2010 at 12:59pm

...I am only twenty one years old and have had sexual intercourse hundredsof times with ten different females, and have had other sexualexperiences with countless others. Out of the hundreds of times I'vehad sexual intercourse, I've only been able to orgasm and ejaculate ahandful of times with only one of the ten partners. I've never orgasmedor ejaculated from any type of sexual foreplay (IE: Oral). Unlike a lotof circumcised men, I was not too embarrassed to go to a medicalfacility to find out what the problem was. After several tests, therewas no conclusive diagnosis.