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In the play, the lead character, Eddie Carbone is an “A View from the Bridge”: Examine the dramatic effectiveness of two key scenes between Eddie and Marco.

'A View from the Bridge' is a play based on pride & justice and Sicilian Honour.

This is very similar to the chorus, featured in tragedies from ancient greek playwright, who are a group of on lookers watching and commenting on events but are unable to act upon any of the incidents.... This essay will explore the different roles that alfieri takes on in 'a view from the bridge.

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The play, which this essay is going to investigate, is 'A View From The Bridge'.

The overall story line is very true to life as many immigrants were entering america illegally and this still happens today in america and in other countries like united kingdom. Domination of female characters in a streetcar named desire and a view from the bridge.

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The play "A view from the bridge" is set in the1950's, a tragedy about the lives of some Italian immigrants, whose paths cross, ending in death, separation and tragedy.

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The play "A view from the Bridge" by Arthur Miller shows the tragic demise of its protagonist "Eddie Carbone" and towards his demise we are presented with two different yet similar concepts; justice and the law.

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The two scenes that I have chosen for my coursework, which I think are exciting and interesting are: 1) End of act one Pg 38-42 2) End of play Pg 59-64 In my essay on "A View From The Bridge" I will be examining tension and conflict within the play.

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Miller was an essayist and playwright, that had won many award for his work such as all my sons, death of a salesman, one of the many plays he had written was a view from the bridge....

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In the title 'A view from the bridge' Arthur Miller is referring to the Brooklyn Bridge which used to be the largest cable bridge in the world and its main purpose is to separate Manhattan from the slums of Brooklyn such as Redhook....

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When Arthur Miller lived in New-York he the wrote ‘A view from the Bridge’, he was inspired to write this book is when he saw how the relatives of illegal immigrants treated them.