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The FE to manifest in the public arena and become used by all of humanity, and quickly. If FE does not manifest, of those visions are feasible, as FE will necessarily form their foundation, just as humanity’s energy practices have defined epoch of the human past. Abundant, harmless energy production has never been experienced on Earth before, other than in the GCs’ enclaves, and none of the so-called energy solutions proposed by various parties, from Peak Oilers to environmentalists, have any chance of being both clean and abundant. The “solutions” that they propose are all , which . So-called environmentalists nearly universally treat FE and abundance as the , and I initially could not believe what I was seeing. When I later traded notes with fellow travelers, I discovered that to be the , going back to the 1970s. After many years of looking for various groups to ally with, I had to reluctantly conclude that none exist. There is no group on Earth today, outside of the small FE cottage industry, which gives FE any credence at all, as those groups all do the GCs’ work for them, unwittingly or not. The greatest triumph of the GCs is making FE and a healed humanity and planet , and humanity has readily acquiesced to the conditioning as we .

 to read the text of the eventual peace treaty.

Our solar system’s planets initially formed from clumps of heavier atoms, and the rocky planets formed in a region too hot for lighter elements and compounds to condense. Oxygen and iron, those two largest products of main-sequence burning, comprise nearly two-thirds of Earth’s mass.

These pieces are only about an inch across.

These will be the largest pieces in the load. They must be split, dry firewood.

As Adam Smith’s invisible hand, fear, became an of classical economics, neoclassical economists greed in their curves. Greed and fear are thereby foundational principles in today’s economic theory, and as a salubrious and critical aspect of capitalism. How can an ideology that elevates, even celebrates, greed and fear be considered beneficial? The obsession with prices and money has also promoted an egocentric view of economic reality. Whenever people think of economics today, they generally only think in terms of money, as that is the medium of exchange by which individuals currently acquire the food, goods, and services that make their modern lives possible. Consequently, the real economy, which runs on matter and energy, not money, becomes demoted and even ignored while the magic of markets and money are worshipped. The financial economy is not real, but is an elaborate accounting fiction subject to . Theorists such as Marx put money in its proper place, as only accounting. Money-based economics is egocentric, in which the focus is on money and greed and everybody’s primary question is “What is in it for me?” That view is also disconnected from the real world.

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Among herbivores, their mode of digestion was important. attained the , and elephants, rhinos, and horses have that digestive process. Cattle, camels, deer, giraffes, and many other herbivorous mammals are foregut fermenters and many are , which have four-chambered stomachs, while the others . While foregut fermenters are more energy efficient, hindgut fermenters can ingest more food. Hindgut fermenters gain an advantage when forage is of low quality. What they . There are drawbacks to that advantage, however, such as when there is not much forage or its quality is poor, such as dead vegetation. A cow, for instance, digests as much as 75% of the protein that it eats, while a horse digests around 25%. Live grass contains about four times the protein as dead grass. Cattle can subsist on the dead grass of droughts or hard winters and horses cannot, which was a tradeoff in pastoral societies.

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The Cenozoic equivalent of a bolide impact was the arrival of humans, as glyptodonts shortly after human arrival. The largest endemic South American animals to survive the of three mya, when North American placentals prevailed over South American marsupials, and the arrival of humans to the Western Hemisphere beginning less than 15 kya, are the and , which are tiny compared to their ancient South American brethren. The giant anteater is classified as a sloth, and sloths were a particularly South American animal. The were bigger than , which are Earth’s largest land animals today. After car-sized glyptodonts went extinct, dog-sized became the line’s largest remaining representative.

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Paleocene mammals were rarely apex predators. Crocodilians survived the end-Cretaceous extinction and remained dominant in freshwater environments, although turtles lived in their golden age in the Paleocene Americas and might have even for a brief time. The largest snakes ever recorded (, ) lived in the Paleocene and could swallow crocodiles whole. In addition to , a and , although . When the began three mya, one of those flightless South American birds quickly became a .