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In the majority of states, judges have declared that public policy is found in the constitution, statutes,and – sometimes – governmental regulations that implement statutes,because judges are willing to function as a legislature anddetermine which values of citizens are worth protecting.

If I were writing a legal brief,I would use the conventional citation order given in the

Freelancing holds many advantages for both the individual and company. There are relaxed hours for the worker. often from the comfort of home, whilst the employer will be streamlining costs by appointing someone on an ad hoc basis.

Wood, § 134, at pages 272-273 (1877).

Wood cited four American cases in support of his statement aboutat-will employment.

Both of these aspects of the issue, involving perception anddeclaration of relevant public policy (the underlying determinativeconsideration with respect to tort liability in general,[two citations omitted] are best and more appropriatelyexplored and resolved by the legislative branch of our government.

It is often referred to as Wood's Rule, named after Horace C.

I present quotations from opinions of the state supreme courts ofthe two states with the largest population in the USA (i.e., Californiaand New York), California first:

However, the followingreasoning seems plausible.

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Wood, in his treatise, compares the law of the two countries

The employer is bound, at aminimum, to know the fundamental public policies of the state andnation as expressed in their constitutions and statutes; so limited,the public policy exception presents no impediment to employers thatoperate within the bounds of law.

Western & Atlantic Railroad Co., 81 Tenn.

Antoine, 67 Nebraska Law Review 56, 60 (1988).
It is worth explicitly considering , despite thewell-founded criticism of at-will employment, the doctrine of at-willemployment continues to protect employers who terminate employeesfor morally or ethically repugnant reasons.

Anaconda Industries, Inc., 479 A.2d 781, 784 (Conn.

Ralee Engineering Co., 960 P.2d 1046, 1052 (Calif. 1999)
I certainly do "agree that 'public policy' as a concept isnotoriously resistant to precise definition".

Federal Land Bank Assn., 407 N.W.2d 206, 211 (N.D.

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