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Applying to highly selective colleges can be an unfamiliar process. Carnegie Mellon is committed to supporting you and your family during this time. We encourage you to reach out to us so that we can assist you through the admission and financial aid process.

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Carnegie Mellon’s holistic admission process is about more than just admitting a group of students who have the potential to succeed academically. It’s about selecting students who will add to the overall Carnegie Mellon community.

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The College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University was founded in 1905 as the first comprehensive arts learning institution in the United States. For 110 years it has educated outstanding artists, architects, designers, theater artists and musicians who have made important contributions to culture in the United States and the world. The alumni of the College of Fine Arts have shaped the worlds of television, stage, film, and electronic media; are collected in numerous international museums; have composed for and are performing in and conducting major symphony orchestras, choruses and opera companies throughout the world; have built notable buildings, pioneered innovative sustainable design strategies and created interactive software systems; created significant innovations in graphic and industrial design; and are professors and deans in major arts institutions.

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To be eligible to graduate, undergraduate students must complete all course requirements for their program with a cumulative Quality Point Average of at least 2.0 for all courses taken. For undergraduate students who enrolled at Carnegie Mellon as freshmen and whose freshman grades cause the cumulative QPA to fall below 2.0, this requirement is modified to be a cumulative QPA of at least 2.0 for all courses taken after the freshman year. Note, however, the cumulative QPA that appears on the student's final transcript will be calculated based on all grades in all courses taken, including freshman year. Some programs may have additional QPA requirements in order to graduate.

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Carnegie Mellon University, founded in 1900, is a private university. Programs are offered through the Carnegie Institute of Technology; the Colleges of Fine Arts; the College of Humanities and Social Sciences; the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management; the Mellon College of Science; and the School of Computer Science; and the Tepper School of Business. Its 144-acre campus is located five miles from downtown Pittsburgh.