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I live in Virginia and travel out-of-state a lot, frequently driving to NY and CT. In the past few years, I have witnessed my own frightening inability to safely talk on a cellphone and pay attention to everything happening on the road. More times than I can count, I have missed exits, which I understand is one of the common mishaps for distracted drivers.

A summary of the report is available in the current issue of Risk in Perspective:

These brain activation findings show the biological basis for the deterioration in driving performance (in terms of errors and staying in a lane) that occurs when one is also processing language. They suggest that under mentally demanding circumstances, it may be dangerous to combine processing of spoken language with a task like driving a car in demanding circumstances.

David Champion is director of automobile testing at .

Further information about the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis may be found on their web site at: .

Cell phone solution: The cell phone is jammed by circuitry in the car unless it is placed in a cradle that connects it to the car’s sound system, whereupon the phone conversation takes place on the same basis as with a passenger in the car.

Getting a strong signal was no problem.

You have to remember that half of our fellow drivers are toodling along in double-digit IQ Land, and can barely muster the brain power to operate a vehicle safely under any circumstance.
We can’t stop it – I see cops chatting on their cells all the time – but there could be a concept of willful dangerous distraction, with fines drastically multiplied when a traffic offense involves phone talking or texting.

Today's pocket cell phones are in the 100 milliwatt area.

Increased RF exposure will inevitably lead to more illness from compromised immune systems, nervous system, brain disorders, organ problems, tumors and cancer.

Reducing the power goes with size reduction and a smaller battery.

Cell phones, internet and communication use few resources, inhance our sense of community and will prosper. The automobile consumes huge amounts of resources (including creative brain activity) and damages the environment.

This also reduces cell size, which actually is beneficial

Further, I have to wonder, if GM is diminished and Chrysler is all dead and Ford troubled…if all the cars and the profits are now offshore, who will lobby for more pavement? Is it time to abandon the automobile and build smart, walkable, livable cities based on mass transportation?

The immune system is responsible for cleaning up mutant DNA.

As more and more cell phones proliferate like reproducing rabbits out of control, radio bandwidth and channel limitations force companies to add more microcells.