Also google: “Video Jews Lead Gun Control Charge”

Surely there is a fair amount of real anti-Semitism and blatant hatred on the Internet—but the real fear of those that exaggerate this reality is too often how much truth they fear one can learn which is contrarian to what others have been led to believe via Zionist propaganda. Also read: “The Politics of Anti-Semitism” by Alexander Cockburn.

Jews Are Leading the Push for Stricter Gun Control and Why This Critically Matters

Many are still OK with government spying on everything. We have even had law professors arguing that torture was OK (apparently it was because those tortured were Muslim?). It was United States people ‘and’ Israelis torturing in Abu Ghraib. And they still lock up innocent people they labeled enemy combatants in Gitmo.

And google: “Video Jews and Gun Control”

Question of the Day: Why Are American Jews Pro-Gun Control?

Well, that’s an extreme example you have given. It does not happen everyday, so I don’t think you can criticize technology for silly mistakes of people.

Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control

Various Executive branches have been compromised to what amounts to Israel’s and the rich military complex investor enslavement. They are using the newly generated hysteria of ISIS and equally their depictions of domestic terrorism to create a new program designed to help local communities combat “violent extremism” (and yet they are the ones who are trying to frustrate the patriots, such as the Bundys, into looking like extremists and setting them up—after all such groups can always be infiltrated with agents pretending to be part of the group with the goal of doing things to give bad impression to the public).

I am here to prove today that driving with cell phones …

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But many Americans are too naïve to ever imagine things might have become this conspired—the killings like the San Bernardino shootings (not the actual killings of the so called killers) was also staged for the purpose of advocating for tighter gun laws and to spread more fears of ISIS. The defense lawyer of the defendants there, early on, raised suspicions as things seem out of whack? How is it that every time there is a so called mass killing or terrorist event there is more and more laws and tentacles being created to spy on more and more people and to create more ‘internal’ enemies? These events are talking points on presidential debates—they serve a purpose of implanting falsehoods and fear into the American public. They are reinforcing the continuation of false White House goals that benefit the minority.

persuasive essay about using cell phones while driving

As hard as it is to believe, some, at least a few, mass killings that have made big news, such as the Sandy Hook school killing, were “false flag operations” and as improbable as this sounds when you actually start looking into it via the Internet—things do seem very suspicious given what some people in the know have brought to light. Google “Sandy Hook false flag faked”. You need to get this—things could in fact be that corrupt.