to Start A College Application Essay on Sports.

Generally, avoid writing about sports in college admissions essays unless you’ve got a unique angle. Here’s a helpful tip — our bet is you don’t.

#1: Still not sure how to write a great college application essay about your sport?

We generally discourage our students from writing about sports in college admissions essays. Is that a rule we always stick to? No. Every once in a while, we read a great sports essay. But, on the whole, they generally tend to be terrible college admissions essays. Why’s that? They’re trite. They’re predictable. They’re the same thing over and over and over again. College admissions counselors read tons and tons of sports essays every day during reading season. Do you think most really want to read another one? Not really.

read a noteworthy college admission essay about sports

This page contains an excellent sample college application essay -- accepted by Cornell I am a If people have a negative view of me simply because of the sport I am active in.