Is aweek enough timeto finish it?

“It’s not about the tie,” Mr. Moore said. “You could buy a new set of picks. Reward yourself. What you need is a Yates banjo or a Scheerhorn dobro.”

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He has so much charm and talent, they say. He is college material – good college material – if only he could be more consistent in his schoolwork.

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It could have been any or all of those things, but the bottom line was that somehow, both Zac Shaner and Nathan Triggs flubbed taking the ACT test for college admission in October.

It would be “awesome,” she said, for Nathan to go to college.

Students will be granted credit for AP test scores of 3, 4, or 5 in the specific areas indicated on the AP chart in the current Columbia College catalog. Units earned by AP exams can be used to meet IGETC, CSU GE Breadth requirements and general education toward Associate Degrees. See a college counselor for exceptions and restrictions.

Has Ms. Triggs looked at Nathan’s college choices? “No,” she said.

“So many girls are looked down upon because of it,” said one of TaTy’s classmates, Mya McFadden, whose mother was a student at Topeka High when she had Mya and her twin sister, Deja, 17 years ago.

And this list is far away of being complete!

“She’s defying that whole stereotype that a single mother cannot raise a child successfully — pshaw!” said Teresa Leslie-Canty, the teacher in a class where TaTy mentors younger students, as mother and daughter sat across from her in the high school gymnasium.

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Columbia College has agreements with various local high school CTE (or ROP) programs to offer college credit for courses classes taken at the high school level. Each course is specific to its own requirements and the information can be found on the website as to what those requirements are for agreements currently in place.

— lyrics by Zac Shaner, a.k.a. Shane Wray

But TaTy, whose teachers have encouraged her long-term plans to go to medical school, was not the only one on the receiving end. Her mother, Tracy Gary, 35, came in for some of the credit.

“Get a better job,” one boy replied. Bingo.

The twins’ mother and father were high school sweethearts, a dream couple, so good-looking that they turned heads as they walked through the halls holding hands. But the gloss quickly wore off when their father, Michael McFadden, had to join the Army to support his children and was posted to the war in Iraq.