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A paper airplane, treating my life as a quick high, then being left on the ground, forgotten, had I wasted my childhood on drugs; a story, had I chosen to take my time and develop into a dynamic creature; a crumpled up ball, thrown away seconds later, had I not been loved; I could have been a college essay, had I been created only to be given to someone else.

Free college papers, essays, and research papers

Don't forget about the other aspect of this essay prompt, however. You'll also need to recount an experience that makes it clear what about you is different, and talk about why you think that would be a positive thing for the community you'll be joining on campus. Alternately, you can talk about what diversity means to you, and how you realized that it was important.

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A range of academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences adds much to the educational mix. Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you.

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The Electoral College Two hundred years ago, the Framers of the Constitution outlined the Electoral College when they disagreed on who should elect the president, and disagreed on the role of the people, the congress, and the states in the political process....

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If you're interested in politics or activism at any level, this essay could be a great fit for you. You don't have to write about international finance, global relations or a hot-button issue here, although you certainly can if you've got something to say about those topics. This is really a question about two things: First, what do you care about? Second, what have you done about it? The thing that is important to you could be civil rights, or recycling, or building a skate park in your town. If you can show that you're a passionate, active member of your community—whether that means your town, your school, your age group or something else—colleges will be eager to have you join their communities.