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Students are to keep all papers (written assignments/paragraphs and essays) along with the time sheet and graded tests and paragraphs in the provided folder. Students may collect their written assignments, not tests, the following semester. Folders are kept in the Writing Center at all times and distributed to students at the time of their arrival to the Center and returned at the end of their stay in the Center. Folders may be accessed by any Writing Center staff member, but otherwise are kept private.


"Testimony, Postmodernism, and Perversion: Interpreting Otherness (A Response by Richard Kearney to Eileen Rizo-Patrón, Brian Treanor, and John Manoussakis)" in Tolerancia, Toleration, Tolerância, Interpreting the Experience of Tolerance

ATTENDANCE policy college essays postmodernism essays free.

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I. Review the Writing Process of prewriting and invention, drafting,
revising, and editing.
A. Choose an audience appropriate to the writing assignment and analyze
that audience.
B. Demonstrate an ability to use various prewriting strategies to
decide on a topic, discover ideas, and develop support. Practice a variety
of devices such as the following:
1. Freewriting
2. Clustering
3. Listing
4. Observing
5. Reading/Researching
6. Interviewing
7. Notetaking
C. Demonstrate the ability to choose a topic, focus ideas, and write a
thesis statement
1. Write a thesis statement appropriate to the assignment
2. Organize and write a plan (outline) appropriate to the
D. Choose a format appropriate to the assignment and the discipline
1. Recognize and use various expository modes, i.e., description,
narration, classification, etc. Practice a variety of methods for
developing and supporting ideas, i.e., examples, statistics, anecdotes,
facts, etc.
E. Support content with appropriate documentation within the text of
the paper and in the compiled list of sources at the end of the paper.
F. Revise and edit drafts using specific revising, editing, and
proofing strategies
1. Demonstrate an improved sense of style
2. Demonstrate an improved use of language
3. Demonstrate an ability to apply appropriately a specific
documentation style
II. Apply critical thinking skills to specific writing assignments which
demonstrate an understanding of the writing process.
Each of the assignments will include readings and models appropriate to
the discipline. Style sheets are available for each of the following
disciplines: Biology, Humanities, Psychology and History. Others as the
need arises. Each assignment begins with an appropriate description and
then sets up the writing process. Readings specific to each task and
discipline will be assigned. Samples of the completed assignments, written
by JCCC students for actual classes, will be available for review. Each
step of the process will be critiqued by a member of the Writing Center
staff, and correct grammar and usage will be discussed. Reviews of
mechanics will be included as individual needs arise. Stylistic points
will be emphasized.
Each assignment will include the following steps: a) Prewriting (a
variety of prewriting strategies will be provided); b) Focusing, reading,
researching, observing, notetaking; c) Writing- analyzing, interpreting,
synthesizing; d) Rewriting- appropriate style, appropriate language,
appropriate documentation; e) Proofreading/Editing - grammar, punctuation,
mechanic, spelling.
A. Analysis: Students will select a professional journal article to
read, identify key points, and summarize in three formats.
1. Point out the distinguishing characteristics of a precis,
abstract, and a summary by writing one of each format.
2. Discover disciplinary applications and appropriate terminology
for potential collegiate writing assignments such as the executive summary
or the science hypothesis.
B. Synthesis: Students will select, read, analyze, interpret, and
synthesize several (at least three) articles which provide varying
perspectives on a focused topic.
1. Demonstrate research skills by accessing electronic data bases
and the Internet.
2. Assess the selected articles by qualifying them against a
prepared set of criteria.
3. Create an essay (300 to 500 words) which combines the ideas of
the sources with their own explanations and point of view. The research
report or synthesis paper may include all or some of the following parts:
a proposal or executive summary or abstract, a journal or log, search
questions, an interview as a source, field research.
4. Write the report in the appropriate form and style of a specific
5. Demonstrate ability to work assignment through the writing
6. Rephrase or paraphrase, summarize, or quote the articles
appropriately and document the information as it is integrated into the
text in the previously decided upon format (APA, MLA, Chicago).
7. Prepare and compile a bibliography, works cited, or references
cited page which documents the sources used in the essay in the
appropriate discipline format.
C. Interpretation and Critique: Students will write a literature review
which demonstrates a critical review of a professional journal article.
1. Select an article from a professional journal and critique its
appropriateness to its topic and discipline.
2. Read the article carefully, select several disciplinary
characteristics of its content, form, or writer's style and measure these
traits against established criteria.
3. Provide adequate support in the form of examples.
D. Evaluation and Critique: Students will write a book, art, or film
1. Select and study by taking notes the selected art form to be
evaluated against a set of criteria determined by its genre or
2. Develop essay or review with specific examples, facts, or
E. Comprehension and Application: Students will define instructional
key words frequently used in designing essay examinations, write their own
essay questions using these terms and write their own answers to the
1. Select terms to be defined as those representative of a specific
2. Create essay questions using cognitive behavioral terms.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the question.
4. Write sample answers to the questions.
5. Show knowledge of relevant material in answers.
6. Reflect an ability to present the material in an organized form
appropriate to academic discipline.
7. Demonstrate an ability to state ideas clearly.

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The principal objective of the course is to prepare students to be effective writers of the kinds of compositions they will be called on to produce during their college careers. By the end of the course, students should be more mature in their understanding and use of language, should develop efficient writing processes, and should know and demonstrate the qualities of effective composition in a given rhetorical situation. Prerequisites: A passing grade on the Writing Sample Placement Test.

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