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Transfer students must submit an official transcript(s) of all previous college course work and grades to the Office of Pre-Nursing Advising and meet with a nursing advisor for transcript evaluation and eligibility for placement. Transfer students who have completed 45 or more credit hours of the lower division and plan to complete the remaining lower division requirements at another educational institution(s) must receive approval through the College of Nursing Office of Admissions and Student Services, Houston Center.

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Most universities acknowledge that the admission essay-while only one component in the application package-is the best opportunity for acquainting the admissions officer with the student.

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We stay abreast of trends in college admissions and pay attention to what universities are looking for in a candidate.

Any courses taken for dual credit, advance placement, or to satisfy college requirements will be applied appropriately. Applicants are advised to notify the PVAMU Office of Admissions to validate the transfer of pre-college and advanced placement credits.

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Guaranteed college admission? Yes, it exists! Quite a few US colleges/universities offer guaranteed admissions to students who meet certain SAT, ACT, and GPA criteria. You often find these policies at large public institutions because they have a ton of applications to read through and this is a good way to make that process more efficient. So is guaranteed admissions only for in-state students? No! There are several public university systems that offer guaranteed admissions specifically to out-of-state applicants who meet certain standards.

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For admission as a classified graduate student, an applicant should hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a closely related field from a regionally accredited institution, college, or university. An undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 is required. On occasion, where other credentials are exceptionally strong, a GPA in the 2.5-3.0 range may be accepted.

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“The college reserves the right to deny admission to any student if in its judgment, the presence of that student on campus poses an undue risk to the safety or security of the college or the college community. That judgment will be based on an individualized determination taking into account any information the college has about a student’s criminal record and the particular circumstances of the college, including the presence of a child care center, a public school or public school students on the campus.”

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Any student applying for transfer of courses from another baccalaureate nursing program must fulfill all requirements for admission to the University and the College of Nursing. Only nursing courses from a nationally accredited baccalaureate program may be considered for possible transfer credit and the student must be in good standing in the previous nursing program attended. Pass/Fail courses are not accepted. Program placement is determined on an individual basis by the College of Nursing.