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Agree with point #3. I’m a first gen. college student, so I really didn’t know what to expect. HS counselors should do much better in preparing the student for college life. Much of what is taught for your major is not necessarily necessary, either. Examples include people who have a job in something not related to their bachelors and are successful none-the-less. I must disagree with Mr. Leake however. I am of the mind that everyone influences everyone. You never know who you affect, just by walking around. The man sweeping the lobby of a major business may do something to impact someone who goes on to do great things. Or the man sweeping may be inspired by another and invent a breakout product and make umpteen millions… who knows. To all college students: Do not despair in whatever field you enter. Individuality is one of humanity’s greatest assets, at every level. Do what makes you happy. If you make money doing so, great. But it can’t be sole motivation. Pursue your interests.

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So i currently attend a 4 year school called Medaille College. This place is literally a joke, im not ignorant or trying to put college down, but its to the point where everyone here calls this place Medaille High. The professors are absolutely ridiculous… some talk about their life all day everyday and just give everyone A’s, some are semi decent, and some think that the students that signed up for this college don’t work, don’t have bills, don’t have lives and are passionate about their particular subject. Well im sorry that i work 40 hours a week, and that analytical writing isnt appealing to me when my major is criminaljustice. Im not an idiot, but im not a genius. I am debating as of today whether or not to drop out, leaning more towards dropping out. Just cuz this college isnt for me doesnt mean that college in general isnt for me. I think that going to a smaller community college for a 2year associates is a lot cheaper and a lot smarter. Truth be told i am just not happy, i hate stress and i dont want to deal with this place. I am in a 4 year B.A. degree in criminal justice, and this semester i only have one class for my major. To become a cop, you only need an associates degree, you dont even need a bachelors.

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I am pressured to go to college though, because if I don”t go I’ll have to work at Burger King for the rest of my life.

To sum up my college experience for you in one example, I had a 75 test average and 93 quiz average in calculus. The professor weighted the final exam so heavily that getting a high D on the test brought my grade down below a C. When I woke up early on the first day of summer to figure out what had happened, he barely talked to me and was instead interested in an eccentric meth-head student’s math theories (the student had admitted to me previously that he enjoyed smoking meth. I could not make this up). Unreasonable amounts of hard work, amounted to nothing. I will never listen to anyone who tells me hard work pays off again.

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2. Understand what your career choice requires. There are basically only two option: to be TRAINED for a professional career (engineering, accounting, medicine, etc) that requires a college degree as an entry ticket; or to be EDUCATED in a particular field. There are very, very few people who graduate from any college curriculum both well trained for a high-paying job, AND well educated. That’s something most of us don’t realize until later in life, and it’s an important distinction.

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We are all different. You must carry out your own dreams. My dreams include having a good job that saves the world. Others might want to be a rock star or business owner. There is no singular road to success, and we must find our own way. Whether or not you wanna put college on that road is your business. Don’t let anyone make you do something you don’t want to do.

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When you arrive at college, the first thing you should do is print out a list of all the classes you have to take in order to finish your degree plan. Mark them off as you take them, and observe how you are progressing toward your goal. Check the degree requirements EVERY YEAR, and make sure they haven’t added or changed anything – because colleges frequently do, and it sucks big time to go apply for graduation and be told “Ooops, you forgot to take a required class!”

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First of all, high school did not prepare me for actually studying for tests, they gave me a LOT of breaks, which were cool in high school, but now I’m absolutely screwed. Although, I have always had high testing scores throughout my life, one arrogant college professor broke me down my 2nd semester of my freshman year. He was horrible at teaching, and more concerned with his own research and interests. The class was foreign to me even though I went to class everyday. The first day of class he made us do a challenging worksheet and refused to help me when I asked for it and told me I would figure it out. This was Chemistry… I failed that class, it was 5 credits, I was put on academic warning and have NEVER gotten my drive back. I’m in the middle of my junior year now, i have no place to live next year, still don’t know what I want to major in, and living off money my parents give me. I’m tempted to move home, go to tech school and get paid whatever an hour and enjoy myself for once.