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In 1910, humanity’s greatest balance-of-payment disparity was between the UK and India, as India provided 60 million pounds to the UK, which was more than matched by British Commonwealth payments to the USA of about 80 million pounds. No other nation had a notable impact on international monetary exchanges. The single most telling statistic of the British pillage of India is that as the UK became Earth’s richest nation during its colonial heyday as it led the Industrial Revolution, per capita income in India did not increase between 1757 and 1947, and its . All imperial and colonial efforts were simply plunder operations. The , which was colonialism in everything but the name. The USA’s flag does not fly over Iraq today, but everybody knows who calls the shots. Once in a great while, even American soldiers , but they were always marginalized or silenced.

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The USA’s Civil War was not only a watershed event in American history, but it also became a pivotal event in world history. It marked the transition from a largely rural nation, , to quickly becoming an industrial juggernaut that Earth had never before witnessed, with consequences both salubrious and catastrophic. The final chapters of the USA's imperial history have yet to be written. With the Civil War, the . What I call phase two of the Industrial Revolution began, and the rise of oil and electricity dramatically transformed industrial civilization.

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They issue the Virginia Resolutions Establishing A Committee of Correspondence.

September 11, 1773 - Benjamin Franklin writes and publishes a satirical essay in The Public Advertiser called Rules By Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced To A Small One.

November 29, 1773 - The first organized meeting of colonists in Faneuil Hall to decide what to do about the tea problem occurs after the first ship, Dartmouth, arrives at the Griffin wharf in Boston with the cargo.

December 16, 1773 - When the English East India Company soughtfinancial assistance, England allows the company to ship surplus tea to America at low cost.

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On Friday, April 24, 2015, the Daughters of the American Revolution presented awards to Roundstone Elementary students Emma Hackworth and Bryson Atkin for participating in the essay contest titled ‘’A Child’s Journey Through Ellis Island’’. Emma Hackworth won first place in the district level and first place in the state level. She received two awards and fifty dollars for her achievement. Bryson Atkin was the runner-up and also won a certificate for this contest. The two essays were about a child coming to America with their family. Emma will participate in the National Contest this summer. We are very proud of Emma and Bryson.–Submitted By: Kim Abney and Cheyenne Webb 5th graders

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This essay’s purpose, regarding the human journey’s epochal phases, is to show how humans achieved each Epochal Event, which was always about exploiting a new energy source, and how each event transformed the human journey. Although the civilizations of India and Southeast Asia had unique qualities and achievements, and the Buddhist religion has a great deal to commend (founded, as Christianity was, in the name of another “rebel,”) as well as other world religions, the primary preoccupation of all peoples for all time before the Industrial Revolution was avoiding starvation. Industrialized peoples seem to have partly forgotten this motivation.