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I did not entirely escape the economic mayhem , and my landlord lost his job at Microsoft and evicted me to sell the house, just as Brian asked me to help write that DOE proposal. I will always have semi-fond memories of writing as I was literally packing boxes for my hasty move. A couple of months earlier, I began to write a letter to Brian on what I learned during my journey. The public version of that letter is my . I did not complete it for nearly a year. Even though Brian had witnessed many incredible events, he eventually admitted how naïve he still was late in his life, and he devoted his last book’s to the dangers of being on the leading edge of efforts to heal the planet and humanity, where such people are and are fortunate if they survive the experience. Brian wanted to write an essay with me about the darkness. In the epilogue of , Brian reproduced an email that I wrote to him partly about that subject, which is reproduced at .

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I developed my current approach by trial and error that was extremely hazardous and painful, and took most of a lifetime to achieve. I hope that this essay can help shorten the learning curve for those whom I seek. Many readers of this essay will get bogged down early on and skip to the end, and they will get out of the experience what they put into it. Such people are not in my target audience, unless they have already mastered this essay’s material, but I have never met even one such person. I will continue studying this subject matter for the remainder of my life, and have a ways to go before I can consider my grasp of it firm. This essay is largely intended to help readers develop a comprehensive awareness of life’s journey on Earth and see when humanity enters the play. When readers can do that and come to appreciate it, they will have an easier time avoiding the egocentric levels of FE awareness (), and reach something that might be called soul-centric. It should help them shed not only those scarcity-based ideologies and their insidious, , but they should also begin to understand why approaches rooted in such ideologies are doomed to failure for this task. We cannot drag our scarcity-based baggage with us for establishing a world of abundance. The GCs are masters of using people’s allegiance to those ideologies to enslave their minds and spirits. What I will be asking of my target audience will be anything but easy, and can actually be quite dangerous if caution is not exercised. But for those who use this material properly, it can improve their understanding in important ways.

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The degree to which Van Creveld's Transformation of Warcomplements Homer-Dixon's work on the environment, Huntington'sthoughts on cultural clash, my own realizations in traveling byfoot, bus, and bush taxi in more than sixty countries, andAmerica's sobering comeuppances in intractable-culture zones likeHaiti and Somalia is startling. The book begins by demolishingthe notion that men don't like to fight. "By compelling thesenses to focus themselves on the here and now," Van Creveldwrites, war "can cause a man to take his leave ofthem." As anybody who has had experience with Chetniks inSerbia, "technicals" in Somalia, Tontons Macoutes inHaiti, or soldiers in Sierra Leone can tell you, in places wherethe Western Enlightenment has not penetrated and where there hasalways been mass poverty, people find liberation in violence. InAfghanistan and elsewhere, I vicariously experienced thisphenomenon: worrying about mines and ambushes frees you fromworrying about mundane details of daily existence. If my ownexperience is too subjective, there is a wealth of data showingthe sheer frequency of war, especially in the developing worldsince the Second World War. Physical aggression is a part ofbeing human. Only when people attain a certain economic,educational, and cultural standard is this trait tranquilized. Inlight of the fact that 95 percent of the earth's populationgrowth will be in the poorest areas of the globe, the question isnot whether there will be war (there will be a lot of it) butwhat kind of war. And who will fight whom?

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I always respected Dennis and Brian the most in the FE field, and I valued their integrity above all else. Their great hearts attracted me to them, not their talent, genius, or fame. I have written plenty about my days with and , and interested readers can discover more if they wish. I hope to convey what the learning experience of carrying their spears was like. My and comprised the kind of education that few survive for long. Although my education with Brian was far gentler, I learned important lessons from him. If not for my adventures, I would not have much worth saying. Even though much of this essay “merely” deals with mainstream science theory and data, . This essay is obviously not the work of a professional scientist, historian, or economist.