Lalla Essaydi (Author of Converging Territories)

Essaydi’s distinctive artistic process is indebted to Moroccan wedding customs, which include adorning women’s bodies during the Night of the Henna, an elaborate celebration that is a prelude to the wedding itself. On the eve of her marriage, the bride and her female friends and family members come together to apply henna to her hands and feet in intricate designs. In the Apparel still–lifephotographs of the Converging Territories series, instead of ornamenting women’s bodies and skin, Essaydi writes upon objects that are customary wedding gifts, such as flowers, eggs, and sugar. In the context of Essaydi’s larger body of work, in which women’s bodies are so inscribed, the gifts associated with the bride invoke her presence.

1956) Converging Territories #30 Lalla Essaydi (Moroccan, b

Elements of tradition and femininity grace Lalla Essaydi’s photographs. These images, while elegant and ethereal, are also brutally honest in their revelation of the artist’s personal history, intimate self, and cultural mores. This exhibition features selections from the artist’s best known work—the photographic series Converging Territories and Les Femmes du Maroc—which have won her international acclaim.

Lalla Essaydi (Moroccan, b. 1956) Converging Territories #30

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Converging Territories
Lalla essaydi converging territories - Since its inception in the second half of the twentieth century , the use of calligraphy in islamic painting, printmaking, and ceramics has been increasingly widespread throughout islamic art.