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The Start and how did it become my passion...
When I was little, I would help my dad, grandma or who ever was cooking, cook.
Why is cooking my passion?
Cooking has been a recent passion of mine ever since I was 13 years old.
Where to go?
To pursue my passion and the next step for my career is to go to the best culinary programs/schools.
Know How To Cook
Kare - Kare
First thing to cook was eggs
Fascinated about cooking, on how people did it, made it so good; the smell, taste, texture, and how it looks.
even from different ways on how to cook an egg.
Poached Eggs
Fried egg (sunny side up)
When I took my first step at the age of 13, I started to have more interest and took consideration of the field of culinary at the age of 16 years old.
I took interest of watching cooking shows, baking shows, even movies that contain food, cooking, and chef's.
I took an elective at school called "life management", which does involve cooking also, in order for me to enter culinary arts.

Yet, this passion didn't develop until I was over my 'tomboy' phase....

Up in the mountains of Colorado where the air is clean and smells of wild flowers, lives a tree that I took to every day, even in the snowy winter. I would climb up this tree and eventually come to an opening within its branches and stare out across the valley I once lived in. The moment I looked out upon this valley my breath would catch in my lungs and my heart would stop beating; it was so beautiful. I would see blue sky painted with puffy, white clouds. I would see green grass all across the valley, swaying in the wind so that it looked as if the ground was shivering. I would see trees everywhere, almost as many trees as there are stars in the sky. Seeing all this would send chills down my spine and I would let it smother me until it felt as if breathing was impossible. I wanted to be consumed by all of it, to throw myself into this beauty. This is being passionate.

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My passion for writing is growing larger and larger each day, it has become the only thing I think about on a daily basis.

Later, I started pulling the food sections out of magazines and eventually the walls of my teenage bedroom were hidden under a collage of paper. But it wasn’t the usual pop idol pictures. It was poetry and photographs, much of it to do with food. A poem about wild strawberries was stuck behind my beside lamp. There were luscious photographs of old hand-cranked ice cream machines (and what they could produce); a big picture of a pea on someone’s tongue (showing which parts of the tongue responded to which tastes); a handwritten version of a William Carlos Williams poem about eating plums (which is, of course, about more than just food).

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My mum’s cake-making shouldn’t fool you. She wasn’t a mousy homemaker but a Mary Quant-wearing sports-car-driving adventurer, and when local cookery classes became available, she was ready to blaze a trail. She came home with sheaves of stencilled recipes and our food tastes developed overnight. Spaghetti bolognese, moussaka – these are now demeaned dishes, turned out in substandard canteens and pubs. But in the early Seventies they were new – and she knew how to cook them.

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I love to experiment with different flavours, and living in a small farming town where what you want is not always available, you have to get creative or you will end up living on bread and jam. Fresh herbs and vegetables that come out of my garden, fish cooked on an open fire, the sun setting its pink tablecloth on the mountains and the ice melting in my wine – it just doesn’t get better than that.

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Books were big in my life, too. I carried four of them from the local library every week, but I especially loved those that had food running through them. A teacher introduced me to the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and I soaked up every detail of what they dried and cured and “put up” in this tough, rural American world: the pumpkins stored in the attic, the tangerines and nuts stuffed into the toes of socks at Christmas, the maple syrup that was tapped and boiled to a sticky toffee.

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I am passionate about love. Not exactly romance but more so affection. Love for humanity, love for life, love for love. When I see beauty, hear it, smell it, feel it, in whatever form it takes, there is a desire that springs up in me to satiate myself with that beauty. To take in all that beauty to the point where I am so filled that it projects from every pore of my body so that all those around me may see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, love what I love. When I was a child beauty would often come to me in the form of nature. As a child I was often alone in not only company but also my outlook upon life. At that time and still to this day I considered life to be simplistic and easy to understand. There are no complexities, no mysteries to unravel. There is just the beauty of nature to behold.