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Then, nobody will have to deal with her.
He could easily get away with it if nobody was there to witness the murder Nihilism in Crime and Punishment In the novel, Raskolnikov ensures that the murder of the pawnbroker was justifiable
The pawnbroker (Alyona) that Raskolnikov murdered relates to utilitarianism because the old pawnbroker was corrupt to society; she was nasty and sadistic and nobody really liked her.
Raskolnikov makes himself believe that he has done the right thing
However, we know that there were other reasons that he murdered Alyona, not just because she was a bad person Crime and Punishment Nihilism Nihilism (Quotes) 1.

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Crime and Punishment Concluding Nihilism and the Idea of Superman Overlook on the Novel Raskolnikov’s idea of superman is definitely an interesting theme in the novel because it is a theory that completely consumes Raskolnikov’s conscience throughout the Novel.

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