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We see evidence of this in Stephen King's "The Man in the Black Suit," and William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Gary's actions while fishing, and Romeo's actions prior to and after the ball (mask) clearly show this to be true.
Writing a Critical Lens Essay:
Critical Lens Essay
The first step is to read and analyze the CRITICAL LENS:
Identify the most important words in the quotation
Interpret what you believe it means
Write down your own version of the quotation
Determine how you wish to state this idea
"There's no fate but what me make."
-Sarah Connor
Step 1 ID words: fate, make
Step 2: Fate is only a product of our choices
Step 3: Our choices determine our destiny.

Notice the conspicuous absence (obviously left out) of the most important words from the original quotation.

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You want to be sure that your essay is proving your INTERPRETATION of the lens, and not the original lens itself.
The critical lens tests your ability to make sense of a statement and put it into your own words FIRST.