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Weinbaum & Sam Moskowitz "A Martian Odyssey" [Lancer, 1962; as "A Martian Odyssey and Other Science Fiction Tales", Hyperion, 1974]: paperback story collection: "The Adaptive Ultimate" (under pseudonym John Jessel), "The Brink of Infinity", "The Lotus Eaters", "A Martian Odyssey", "Proteus Island", essay by Sam Moskowitz: "The Wonders of Weinbaum" 1974 edition also has Sam Moskowitz essay "Dawn of Fame: The Career of Stanley G.

strove, in fiction and critical essays, to establish exactly the opposite point of view.

Other critics emphasize the notion that science fiction offers a "menu" of Utopian futures based on new technological contexts for the human being, intended to be self-fulfilling prophecies; and also a "menu" of Dystopian futures, in which some unhealthy trend is extrapolated to a horrible extent, intended to be cautionary tales or self-defeating prophecies.

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It also includes essays discussingimportant themes and topics in science fiction.

Author Hal Clement (pseudonym for the high school chemistry teacher Harry Stubbs) even defines "Hard science fiction" for us in a related essay ["Hard Sciences and Tough Technologies", Hal Clement, in The Craft of Science Fiction, ed.

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The novel should appeal to anyone enjoying alternative futures and intelligent social commentary. It stresses future changes in society and politics. It's on the soft science-fiction side, but given it's considered to be one of the earliest of the modern dystopias, it's made this top 25 list. If that's not enough to convince you, even George Orwell admits that he was inspired by The Iron Heel, writing an retrospective essay on London's novel in his collected essays, Volume 4.

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Palmore, Duke UniversityOf course, what normally prevents immortality is AGING, but htere are quite a few different theories of what actually causes aging:Intellectual/Creative Immortality is discussed in:Science Fiction and some scientific speculators have proposed a fourth path to immortality, namely:(4) and a fifth path, through the new engineering discipline of nanotechnology:(5) and a sixth path, through Cryonic (very cold) suspension, preservation, and eventual warming up and resucscitation:(6) A short conventional definition of immortality is available at:A short essay and collection of Biblical quotes are at:A collection of quotations about Immortality from Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and other eligions is at:Plato and Socrates had a few things to say on this subject:And now for some breaking news: University of Texas scientists, supported by Geron Corp., say they may have found the "cellular fountain of youth." It's an enzyme that stops human cells from aging and dying.