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The protagonist, Othello undergoes a transformation from a happy man to a disturbed beast as suspicion of his wife’s faithfulness to lieutenant Cassio intensifies....

However, Brabantio hates dark skin and foreign roots, two attributes Othello possesses.

And although human sinfulness is such that, jealousy ceaselessly touches on other forms of depravity, the center of the interest always returns in Othello to the destruction of the love through jealousy, so for that reason in this essay I'm going to talk about the jealousy in which almost everybody in this play is going through.

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Before he succumbs to Iago's poisonous innuendoes, Othello himself expresses his clear understanding of this role of the human intellect.

Critic Caroline Spurgeon in “Shakespeare’s Imagery and What it Tells Us” explains the significant contribution which imagery makes to the theme of pain and unpleasantness running through the play: The main image in Othello is that of animals in action, preying upon one another, mischievous, lascivious, cruel or suffering, and through these, the general sense of pain an...

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For the first motive to be understood the reader must become knowledgeable of Othello's heritage and the setting of the play. Othello is a Moslem from North Africa. He is living in Venice. He is the leader of the Venetian forces. Anthony Burgess, a Shakespearean critic, believes that Othello's color has nothing to do with Iago...

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Of course, the production’s success or failure ultimately falls upon the shoulders of Othello and Iago and Zackary Momoh captures all of Othello’s charisma and charm though he struggles with some of the moments of rage. Perhaps his age counts against him in this regard: it’s difficult to believe in Momoh – who has a dancer’s grace – as a man of war, unable to escape from the violence that has made him who he is. Similarly Jack Johns hits a lot of the right notes as Iago – arguably one of Shakespeare’s most intimidating parts, enigmatic to the last – but several of his gestures and speeches feel telegraphed and over-performed.

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Bradley, in his book of literary criticism, Shakespearean Tragedy, describes the equivocal ranking which some critics give this play: Or is there a justification for the fact – a fact it certainly is – that some readers, while acknowledging, of course, the immense power of Othello, and even admitting that it is dramatically perhaps Shakespeare’s greatest triumph, still regard it with a...

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Both performers are at their best when they keep things low-key: Momoh relies on volume slightly too much to convey anger, but the passion in his eyes is truly startling; Johns is fantastically watchable, revelling in Iago’s duplicity, and bringing a lightness of touch and even a hint of humour to a character. His Iago is a far from straightforward villain. The scene between them at the end of the first act, when Iago draws Othello horribly, inexorably into his web, is incredibly gripping and not a little unnerving, and remains in the mind long after the production has finished.