After Bakhtin: Essays on Fiction and Criticism.

This site offers biographical and critical essays on a range of authors from Medieval, Renaissance, and seventeenth century Europe. The essays themselves are written by a variety of people, many of whom are scholars in their field. The amount of documentation (bibliographies, footnotes, etc.) varies between essays.

The Critical Difference: Essays in the Contemporary Rhetoric of Reading.

A web site which provides biographical and critical essays, bibliographies, and links relating to experimental twentieth century authors, such as Pynchon, Kafka, and Joyce.

Literature in the Modern World: Critical Essays and Documents.

A Literature of Their Own: British Women Novelist from Brontë  to Lessin.

Richard Paul (2006) defines critical thinking as the “disciplined art of ensuring that you use the best thinking you are capable of in any set of circumstances.” It is essentially using the best information available to make the best decisions possible....

How to Write a Critical Essay (with Sample Essays) - wikiHow

These sections describe in detail the assignments students may complete when writing about literature. These sections also discuss different approaches (literary theory/criticism) students may use to write about literature. These resources build on the Writing About Literature materials.

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"The text of the project is divided into five sections, and each has an introductory page that can be accessed from the title page. Each section is then broken down into subtopics that include excerpts from both primary and secondary (critical) texts."

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Students are asked to write literary analysis essays because this type of assignment encourages you to think about how and why a poem, short story, novel, or play was written. To successfully analyze literature, you’ll need to remember that authors make specific choices for particular reasons. Your essay should point out the author’s choices and attempt to explain their significance.

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These are the questions that will be looked at through this essay as well as defining what critical practice or being critical in academic works really is as well as how it relates to essay writing.

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The word critical is defined as “involving skillful judgment as to truth, merit, etc… a critical analysis/ of or pertaining to critics or criticism: critical essays.” (Dictionary, 2013).