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Like her printed poetry, many of the readings have been reproduced in compilation recordings. Many of these recordings are available at retail and internet stores, as well as at your local library (or through Interlibrary loan).

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Plath was treated at in Belmont with the help of her Smith benefactress Olive Higgins Prouty. Her doctor was Ruth Barnhouse Beuscher, and Dr. Beuscher would go on to be a great help to Plath in the years to come. Her recovery was not easy, but Plath pulled through and was readmitted to Smith for the spring 1954 semester. This is really the beginning of Sylvia Plath, poet.

sylvia plath ted hughes aurelia

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In October Plath began & completed one of her most elegant poems, "The Moon and the Yew Tree." It began as an exercise Hughes had assigned to her, and I read somewhere that it is far from where Hughes had thought the poem would go; that it greatly disappointed him. It is really the first poem that is just plain brilliant. Plath is looking out of her window and she "simply cannot see where there is to get to." She looks to the moon and the to yew tree for the answers, but she finds only "blackness and silence." It is a poem that gets Plath started in many ways. She's trapped in this poem, cannot see in what direction to head. She needs this direction. But what Plath did not know is that when she wrote this poem, it was she that had taken off. On 28 October 1961, Plath's first women's magazine short story was published in . The story was titled "The Perfect Place", but the working manuscript title was "The Lucky Stone". For more information on this story, please read , a paper I published in . On 09 November 1961 Plath won a $2000 Saxton Grant to work on her novel, which was already finished!

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The two collections do read very differently, and I strongly suggest reading the way Sylvia Plath had ordered it. You can have arguments over whether publishers would have published her book, and Ted Hughes has claimed that he had to re-order it to get it published, but one will never know. The poems, read as a collection or individually, are phenomenal for everything from wit to cadence to subject.

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The reviews of were all quite positive. Readers likely felt stunned at the poetic development Plath exhibited from her first collection, to her second. That Plath had died shortly after writing the poems was common knowledge; their immediacy was therefore all the more powerful.

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Plath had arranged to begin with the word 'Love' in "Morning Song" and end on the word 'spring' in "Wintering". In the originally published , the book ends on the word 'life' in from the poem "Words".

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The British edition contained: Morning Song, The Couriers, Sheep in Fog, The Applicant, Lady Lazarus, Tulips, Cut, Elm, The Night Dances, Poppies in October, Berck-Plage, Ariel, Death & Co., Nick and the Candlestick, Gulliver, Getting There, Medusa, The Moon and the Yew Tree, A Birthday Present, Letter in November, The Rival, Daddy , You're, Fever 103°, The Bee Meeting, The Arrival of the Bee Box, Stings, Wintering, The Hanging Man, Little Fugue, Years, The Munich Mannequins, Totem, Paralytic, Balloons, Poppies in July, Kindness, Contusion, Edge, and Words.